Prepaid Cards

What if my Odyssey card is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, you need to immediately block the card by calling our Customer Care on 1800-266-9849.

You can apply for a replacement card (after blocking your previous card) at the card issuance counters. Your last updated card balance will be transferred from your previous card to your new card. In case of pass, your previous pass will be provided on the new card as well.

Please note: Card replacement charges apply.

Where can I get my Odyssey Card?

Please refer to ‘Issuance Locations’ section for finding out your nearest Odyssey issuance counter.

What is the validity of Odyssey card?

This card has a validity of 5 years. Post card expiry, you can apply for a new card and your last outstanding balance will be transferred from your old card to your new card. In case of pass, your previous pass will be provided on the new card as well.

Where can I use this Odyssey Card?

The card can be used for making payments at:

  • City bus travel tickets and passes
  • Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Civic Centres for tax and bill payments
  • Service delivery outlets for reloading your card and bill or tax payment
  • Shopping and restaurants
  • E-commerce transactions.

Where do I contact for any grievances related to my Odyssey Card?

You may call our 24-hour Customer Care on 1800-266-9849 in case of any grievance.

How can I activate my Odyssey card?

You can activate your card by doing a simple PIN SET and a top-up of Rs 100.

Is Odyssey card safe to use?

Yes, your Odyssey Card is safe to use as your non-travel transactions are authenticated by using a PIN.

How can I utilise the balance on my Odyssey card?

There are 2 types of balances on your card:

  • The total balance of your card which is exactly equal to the recharge amount is called the Total Account Balance.
  • The balance on your card which is available for purpose of travel on city buses is called the Card Balance.

How can I recharge my Odyssey card?

You can recharge your card by paying cash at any issuance counter. You can also recharge the card by doing an online top up on the customer portal. Please refer to the section Issuance locations for details. First time recharge is a minimum of Rs 100. Subsequently the recharges can be in multiples of Rs 10. The maximum balance that your minimum details prepaid card can have is Rs 10,000.

What is Odyssey Card?

Odyssey is a prepaid card presented to you by ICICI Bank, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and Bhubaneshwar Smart City Limited. This card enables you to make cashless payments in the city of Bhubaneswar. So, drive away the hassles of carrying change, make payments with ease and track your expenses as well with this card.