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ICICI Bank introduces ‘Super Merchant Current Account’, the most comprehensive solution specifically designed for merchants & retailers like you. It offers easy and instant collection solutions that facilitate Insta merchant payments through Eazypay POS machines, QR code, Payment Gateway and much more.


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For all kinds of businesses, this Current Account offers a wide range of services that go beyond your banking -

  • Be it taking your offline store online or
  • Getting an exclusive access to best-in-class offers that can assist you to grow your business


This Current Account empowers merchants like you to collect payments hassle-free and instantly by offering industry-first features like instant money transfer into your Super Merchant Current Account through Eazypay POS swiping machine, and other special benefits. Along with these, you can also get a pre-approved overdraft facility and access to our loyalty programs where you can be rewarded on your POS transactions or QR code as well.

Benefits of Merchant Account

Zero Balance Account

No need to maintain minimum balance.

Instant Card Settlement

Access to Insta merchant payment where you get instant settlement for all transactions done through POS.

Insta Merchant Overdraft

Customised pre-approved overdraft facility.

Eazy Online Store

Convert your offline store into online store with Eazypay Android POS.

Eazy Rewards Programme

A unique loyalty programme that offers you best-in-class rewards for your shopping, travel, dining, recharge, entertainment and much more.

Eazy Merchant Assist

Get exclusive access to best-in-class offers on value-added services that can assist you to grow your business.

Whatever business you are in,
our Super Merchant Current Account
services are curated for you




Grocery &



Eazypay collection solutions
that cater to every merchant’s
business requirements

1) Eazypay POS Solutions

A premium Android Smart POS powered with the latest technology.

2) Eazypay Payment Gateway Solutions

An all-in-one collection platform - Payment Gateway, SMS Invoicing and Bulk upload.

3) Eazypay UPI QR Solution

Accept contactless collections at ZERO transaction charges.

Merchant Account Fees


Schedule of charges provides a detailed breakup of all the fees and charges applicable depending on the Super Merchant Current Account variant chosen by you.

Schedule of charges provides a detailed breakup of all the fees and charges applicable depending on the Super Merchant Current Account variant chosen by you.


Choose from the two variants of Super Merchant Current Account catering to all merchants & retailer categories:

Super Advantage Plus

Comes with Eazypay Platinum high-end POS solution,
Eazypay PRO Payment Gateway solution.

Super Advantage

Comes with Eazypay Classic Payment Gateway
solution, Eazypay Standard POS solutions like D200,
GPRS & Android POS terminal & Eazypay QR.

Note: If the customer surrenders the machine/ does not get the machine, the customer
will be repriced as per SBA 2.0 Platinum & SBA 2.0 Silver.

Value-added Services


Super Merchant Current Account services include value-added benefits that can help propel your store business as well as increase customer traffic.

Our Linker store feature helps you to set up your own online store free of cost that will increase customer traffic, leading to higher sales integrated with automated logistics support & payment gateways. You can also create promotional campaigns for your store products and services.


Merchant Assist


Get an exclusive access to best-in-class offers on value-added services that can assist you to reach more customers and grow your business.

Instant Overdraft

Service Eazypay POS through InstaBIZ

Bulk vendor payment

Auto-bank reconciliation

And much more...

Super Merchant Current Account FAQs

Super Merchant Current Account is an exclusive ZERO MAB account designed for retail merchants where at least one of the collection solutions is mandatory, i.e. Eazypay QR, POS or PG.

Yes, either of the three collection solutions have to be taken with Super Merchant Current Account, i.e. Eazypay QR, POS or PG.

Yes, all Eazypay POS and PG products have their own pricing.

Yes, the process for migration of existing account:

If any of our existing Current Account customer wishes to migrate to the new Super Merchant Current Account variant, you will have to take any one of the Eazypay collection (POS, PG or QR) solutions of the bank and contact branch representative.

Branch transactions include cash (both deposit and withdrawal), NEFT, RTGS, DD/ PO done at branch.

A line of credit to help Merchants like you to manage your working capital requirement. Overdraft limit is basis Point of Sales/ QR transactions done on merchant terminal.

  • Pre-approved limit to existing ICICI Bank merchants
  • Digitally enabled journey
  • Instant disbursement for existing merchants
  • Pay interest only on amount used
  • Collateral free loans
  • No prepayment/ foreclosure charges

Interest rate: 16% & One-Time Processing fees: 2%

  • Corporate Internet Banking
  • InstaBIZ Merchant View Access
  • UPI QR Code
  • Contactless Payment Solutions
  • Eazy Online Store - Basic Package (Consists of only EazyStore)

It allows merchants to settle POS transactions on the same day instead of the next working day. Available only with Standard POS, i.e. Super Merchant Current Account - Advantage.

Eazy Online Store allows merchants to create a digital store & sell online. Also enables them to access Billing & Online ordering of inventory. It comes in 2 Packages:

  • Basic Package - No POS Required. Free of Cost. Only access to EazyStore app. Can be registered through InstaBIZ app.
  • Premium Package - Mandatory to have POS to opt for this package. Can be registered through POS Portal. Charges Applicable (One-time Subscription of ?500 and Monthly Rental ?300) Merchant will get all three apps (Eazy Store, Eazy Billing and Eazy Supply) access pre-installed on POS.

All Super Current Account merchants who collect money through POS or UPI can earn points on each transaction & later redeem the points.

Merchant using UPI can also get Super Merchant Advantage Current Account, but he needs to collect payments to avoid low through put charges.

If an account holder fails to have a minimum throughput of ?1,000, he will be charged ?499; and if throughput between ?1,000 - ?25,000, then he will be charged ?249.

No it is applicable only for Eazypay Standard POS and not on Eazypay Platinum POS.

Merchant can start selling by uploading items on EazyStore and customers who use SnapOrder Application can order from it. There is no website creation.

Yes, as this is a zero balance account. Customer has to meet minimum throughput as per variant to avoid non maintenance.

Yes, the transaction charge for Instant Card Settlement is slightly higher than standard charges.

Instant settlement happens only during business hours from 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.