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How to network when studying online?


As an international student, networking helps you connect with people from your own industry, those that share similar interests, skills, connections, and experiences. If you build a good professional network early in your career, it can later help you to look out for a job.

Benefits of online networking:

  1. Connect easily, from the comfort of your home
  2. Online portfolio visibility – get noticed by potential employers
  3. Interact with mentors and industry leaders, digitally 
  4. Participate and showcase your skills in various online groups/forums
  5. Discuss current trends and opportunities, with like-minded people
  6. Seek guidance from professionals
  7. Maintain contacts for future references
  8. Break the ice online, than in-person.

Use these easy networking tips and pave your way towards a successful career:

  1. Sign up for virtual events
    To connect with new people, enrol yourself for online workshops, seminars, and town hall meetings.

  2. Establish a professional network, online
    To start building your network, introduce yourself to your classmates and faculty through an e-mail, or through social media. You can also connect with your university’s alumni, for guidance.

  3. Build your online presence
    Create a profile on professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, create your visibility, and connect with potential employers. You can also make an online portfolio.

  4. Join online communities
    Join paid or free online communities, like Reddit forums and GitHub, and keep up with the latest updates in your industry.

  5. Participate in online classrooms, forums
    Participate in classrooms and forums, and interact with your peers. This will help you create a voice and a personality of your own, among your classmates.


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