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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

Know What All Can You Buy With Gift Cards – ICICI Blog


What all can you buy with Gift Cards?

Finding the perfect gift for someone is easier said than done. But the good news is that in this era of Gift Cards, you no longer need to scour the market to search for the right gift. Before you buy a gift card for an upcoming occasion, read on to understand and know all about where these can be used.

What are the different types of Gift Cards?

Prepaid Gift Cards are those which are preloaded with a particular amount of money, which you can present to anyone as a gift. They can use the card to make a purchase and pay for it electronically. There are two types of Online Gift Cards that you can buy:

Issued by Credit Card companies or banks:

It is the most widely accepted Gift Card as it’s associated with networks like American Express, MasterCard, Visa, etc. You can use it at any physical store or shopping portal that accepts cards from such networks.

Issued by business establishments:

This type of Gift Cards come with the primary purpose of retaining old customers, getting new ones and boosting sales. You can use these cards solely at the respective brand’s outlets.

What can you buy using a Gift Card?

Prepaid Gift Cards bought from a specific business/brand, limits to the goods of the business available at some or all the selected locations. A Gift Card can also be used to shop on the official website of certain brands. But the recipient might not be allowed to use the same Gift Card during discounts and sales. these cards either do not have an expiry date or have a prolonged expiry date.

Gift Cards tend to work well for businesses such as restaurants, books, cosmetics, footwear, clothing, etc. Gift Cards e-commerce companies are pretty popular too.

The options to use a Prepaid Gift Card becomes almost limitless, when bought from the banks. And can be used at all places that accept cards from the network mentioned on the Gift Card. You can use it to buy medicines, groceries, clothes, go out for a movie, purchase travel tickets, dine out, etc.

The recipient can use it to either buy an object, an experience or to do some online shopping too, making Bank Gift Cards a great option for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. You can also use these cards during the discounts and sales of any brand, further extending the options for a recipient.

For instance, you can get an ICICI Bank Gift Card within INR <500> to INR <10,000> to let your special person buy anything they want from anywhere. The card can be used at all VISA outlets. Think of it more like a VISA Card that has a specific balance – so simple and easy to use.

The Prepaid Bank Gift Cards come with a specific expiry date. So, the date is the only thing that the recipient has to keep in mind when using a Bank Gift Card.

The endnote:

Since you now know all about using Gift Cards, go ahead and buy one from ICICI Bank and let your loved ones shop to their heart’s content.

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