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What to consider when it comes to your Credit Card bill payments

What to consider when it comes to your Credit Card bill payments

Making Credit Card payments is easy as you can do it online or offline. If you’re using a Credit Card quite often, you need to pay bills on time, to avoid a high interest charge. Here are some points on how to make your Credit Card bill payments smoothly:


These days, it is much easier to make purchases using a credit card and paying later. Credit Cards have become an indispensable part of our lives, as they give you the freedom to purchase or fund any emergency instantly. Be it educational fees, marriage expenses, buying high-end electronics, etc., it is much easier to pay for these requirements using a Credit Card. Given the convenience of the card, the struggle can be real when it comes to making credit card bill payments.

Many of us do not give a thought to finances while using the card, but if you are facing financial hardships due to loss of a job or a medical emergency, it can be difficult to afford Credit Card bill payments. However, you can consider the following tips:

  1. Talk to your Lender: The pandemic situation may have financially drained you. If you have frequently been using a Credit Card to fund your daily expenses, the bill payment can be a struggle. In such circumstances, you can talk to your lender about postponing payments and fees. Some banks do offer financial relief solutions, such as moratorium, which allow you to freeze Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) payments for a temporary period; till the time your financial situation returns to normal.

  2. Look through your budget: Your spending habits may have shifted dramatically. You need to look through your budget and evaluate your expenses by checking your bank statements. There may be instances where you may use your Credit Card less on dining, travel, etc. and more for buying groceries and online streaming platforms. You can turn off the subscription payments that are paid through your Credit Card or cancel the membership you no longer use.

  3. Turn off Autopay: To manage Credit Card bill payments, you can choose to turn off the Auto Payment feature. Even though Auto Payments allow you to pay bills on time, you can adjust the feature to make the minimum payment, and when your budget allows, you can pay the rest of the amount manually.

  4. Convert payment into EMIs: If you are unable to make a Credit Card bill payment, you can choose to convert the outstanding amount into monthly EMIs. You can do so by logging in to Internet Banking and opting for the EMI option for credit cards. You will benefit from a lower interest rate. Moreover, you get a longer tenure that reduces the financial strain of making a bill payment.

You need to make timely Credit Card bill payments. A Credit Card is the best financial tool, only if used smartly. Following the above-mentioned tips, you can lower your chances of debt and avoid financial disaster in the long run.


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