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How to view a Credit Card statement

How to view a Credit Card statement?

A Credit Card statement is a very important document that contains valuable information pertaining to your Credit Card. Once every month, a Credit Card holder will receive their Credit Card statement, either on their e-mail address, their postal address or both. Read further to know how to view Credit Card statements.

Credit Card statements contain details of every transaction made using the Credit Card, such as the monthly billing cycle, your outstanding balance, as well as payments made to your card. A Credit Card statement is a useful tool to review your card usage and keep a track of your transactions.

Importance of Credit Card Statement

Track transaction history

Your Credit Card statement will contain details of every transaction made using your Credit Card. Thus, it becomes an important tool in reviewing your card usage and finding out where you can limit your expenses. It also helps you single out any unauthorised use of your card.

Find out the outstanding balance

The Credit Card statement balance is the amount that you owe on your Credit Card for the latest billing cycle. This amount can easily be found by looking at your Credit Card statement, at the end of the billing cycle. 

Minimum amount due, billing cycle and due date

Your Credit Card statement also contains details like the minimum amount due to be paid for your Credit Card, the period of time that the statement is for, called the billing cycle, and the due date, the date until which you will have to clear your outstanding dues or pay at least the minimum amount due.

How to check your Credit Card Statement online

Usually, your Credit Card statement is sent to you every month, either as a physical copy or a soft copy through e-mail. However, you can still check your Credit Card statement online, using one of the following steps:

1) Check the ICICI Bank Credit Card statement using Internet Banking:

  • Visit, click on ‘Login’
  • Log in to Internet Banking using your User ID and Password Or you can also log in through your registered mobile number and Debit Card PIN, in case you do not remember your User ID and Password
  • If you are choosing the latter option for Internet Banking login, you need to enter your registered mobile number, click on ‘Authenticate’
  • Next, you need to enter your ATM PIN; click on ‘Get OTP’
  • Once you enter the OTP, click on the ‘Login’ option
  • Go to ‘My Accounts’
  • Click on ‘Credit Cards’
  • Click on ‘Service Request’
  • Click on ‘Credit Card Statement Request – E-mail’
  • Choose the date required. You can also download the statement as a PDF.

2) Check the Credit Card statement of ICICI Bank or any other bank, using mobile banking on the iMobile Pay app:

  • If you’re already an iMobile Pay user, log in to the app, as per your preferred login option 
  • Click on the ‘Bill Payments’ tab 
  • Go to the ‘Credit Card’ section
  • Navigate to the ‘Statements’ tab
  • You will see three options – Current Statement and Last Statement category. If you want to view transactions for the last 30 days, click on the ‘Past Statement’ category.

If you have not yet downloaded the iMobile Pay app, you can get it from Google Play Store or App Store. The app is also now open to Non-ICICI Bank customers. You can activate the mobile application by verifying your mobile number. The next step is to log in to the application using a Login PIN or Internet Banking User ID and Password or log in with your fingerprint.

In case you are using a Credit Card from any other bank, you can still use the iMobile Pay app to view or download the Credit Card statements and more.


Using the above simple steps, you can procure your Credit Card statement and find out your outstanding balance, your transaction history and start paying your Credit Card bills. 




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