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Everything you need to know about FASTag



FASTag is a completely electronic method of paying toll charges that will significantly reduce the time spent at toll plazas. From Dec 15, 2019, the government has made it mandatory for all vehicles to be equipped with FASTag and to pay toll charges using the FASTag technology.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is a highly convenient, cashless mode of payment that has been implemented at toll plazas. A small electronic tag is installed on the windscreen of the vehicle, which can be scanned by a FASTag scanner available at the toll plaza. This tag is linked to a prepaid account that is related to the specific vehicle. Whenever you pass through the toll plaza, the tag is scanned and the toll amount is automatically deducted from your account. This scanning is done as you pass through the toll gate and stopping for a cash transaction becomes completely unnecessary.

How does FASTag work?

The FASTag on the windscreen of the vehicle is equipped with Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID). This allows an RFID scanner to obtain information from it and deduct the toll charges automatically. As soon as the charges are deducted, an SMS notification is sent to the car owner.

How do I obtain a FASTag?

Since FASTag has become mandatory now, it is wise to know how one can obtain a FASTag registration. There are numerous ways to get FASTag:

  • Approach Point of Sale (POS) counters at various toll plazas, Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) or petrol pumps to obtain a FASTag and create an account.
  • Some select banks also offer FASTag facility for Rs 499, which includes minimum balance and deposit. ICICI Bank provides the FASTag facility for your vehicle.
  • FASTags can also be obtained from numerous online retailers.

Depending on where you buy your FASTag from, your tag can either be linked to a prepaid account that you have to recharge regularly, or it can be linked directly to your bank account.

Documents required

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Passport sized photograph of vehicle owner
  • Relevant KYC documents of owner that should include ID as well as address proof

FASTag is currently available at about 450 toll plazas and since the government’s initiative, more and more toll plazas have started implementing this technology. Presently, toll plazas have specific FASTag lanes that are exclusively for FASTag equipped vehicles. Soon, most toll plazas will have most of their lanes converted to FASTag lanes. Development of road infrastructure has made long distance travelling a breeze. This excellent initiative will enhance it further and make long distance driving easy.

Apply for FASTag, click here .


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