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How to manage FASTag Account using the eToll app


To reduce traffic congestion at toll plazas and make the toll collection smooth, the Indian Government has made it mandatory for vehicle owners to install a FASTag - for contactless toll payments. Let’s get to know how you can manage the FASTag with the help of an ICICI Bank eToll app.

While travelling across states, you may encounter toll plazas, where you have to pay toll money. This is nothing but the road tax that the Government collects to maintain our road and highways. However, the long queues at toll plazas have often been the reason for traffic congestion. But with the launch of FASTag, the Indian Government aims to make toll payment collection, effortless and smooth.

What is a FASTag?

A FASTag is an easy to use, rechargeable tag that needs to be affixed on your vehicle’s windscreen. With the help of this tag, the toll money gets automatically deducted and you do not have to worry about cash. The tag is embedded with RFID technology to ensure that the relevant vehicle charges get deducted from your prepaid account. With effect from Feb 15, 2021, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it mandatory for all motorists to get a FASTag affixed.

If you’ve found recharging and managing the tag difficult up until now, it has been made easier with the help of ICICI Banks eToll app. The eToll app by ICICI Bank lets you manage your FASTag account-related tasks pretty much effortlessly.

Here are some of the features you can enjoy, using the app:

  • Fast and secure OTP based log in

  • Send a request for a new FASTag

  • Allows you to recharge your Fastag Account (using Internet Banking or payment gateway) whenever you run low on balance, anytime

  • Allows you to calculate the toll fare, across different routes

  • Keeps track of your toll transactions

  • Check FASTag balance and generate a statement

  • Avail “NEW LOADS” for your vehicle, at NO COST.

You can download the ICICI Bank eToll app from the Google Play store to install it on your Android devices. The app is available for free.

To apply for the ICICI Bank FASTag, you need to select ‘Request for ICICI FASTag’. Alternatively, you can log in with your ICICI Bank Customer ID, by selecting ‘Login with ICICI Customer ID’.

If you haven’t yet installed the Tag, then you can apply for it from ICICI Bank and get a special offer. Buy an ICICI Bank FASTag and get an Amazon gift voucher. For more details, visit the nearest ICICI Bank Branch.

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