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2 mins Read | 4 Years Ago

What is Travel Insurance and how it works


While insurance for travel is fairly new in India, it comes with several benefits at a highly affordable price. Read this post to know what it is, its types and how it works.

The decision to travel to a dream destination is often followed by weeks and months of planning and preparations. We definitely want to make sure that every aspect of this dream journey plays out exactly as we expect. But are things really in our hands?

For instance, what if your connecting flight is cancelled or delayed, or you lose your luggage at the airport? What if you suffer from a medical condition in a foreign land? Are we ever really prepared for such incidents? Purchasing travel insurance is a simple way to at least get financial protection in such cases.

While the concept of insuring your travel is still very new in India, it does come with a range of benefits. Let us have a look at what is travel insurance and how it works.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance which offers coverage for losses and costs related to travelling. By covering your travel with an insurance policy, you are covered against the expenses that may arise due to unexpected events, such as trip interruption, trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, theft or loss of baggage, and more.

So, in case of any unforeseen event during an international or domestic trip, you will be compensated for them if you have purchased travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance

Some of the popular travel insurance types are as follows:

  • Single Round Trip Insurance

This plan can be purchased for a single round trip to an international or domestic destination. Depending on the insurance provider you select, such plans can come with benefits, such as medical cover, daily hospitalisation allowance, loss of baggage, personal accident and more.

  • Multi-Trip Plan

The multi-trip plans are generally preferred by frequent travellers who take multiple international/domestic trips in a year. The benefits are generally similar to what a single trip insurance policy offers and you get to select maximum duration per trip between options like 30, 45 and 60 days.

  • Senior Citizen Plan

These travel insurance plans are abundantly focused on offering enhanced medical benefits to senior citizens travelling abroad. They come with features like cashless medical services across the world, medical concierge services, quality healthcare facility and more.

How does Travel Insurance work?

The working of travel insurance is similar to other types of insurance products like car insurance or home insurance. Once you have purchased the insurance policy, you will be compensated if you suffer from the perils covered by the policy.

The policies have a maximum coverage amount for everything it covers, and if your claim is approved, you will be compensated as per the reimbursement structure of the policy.

Buying Travel Insurance

Whether you are a frequent traveller or planning to go to your dream destination soon, a travel insurance policy can come in handy. Buy travel insurance online for added financial safety.

Check the inclusions and exclusions of the policy carefully before purchasing so that you select a plan that perfectly meets your travel requirements.

Customers can buy Travel Insurance online to protect your trip, here.

Non-customers can buy Travel Insurance online to protect your trip, here.


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