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iWish by ICICI Bank FAQs

iWish by ICICI Bank FAQs

ICICI Bank iWish is a uniquely designed Recurring Deposit, which would allow you to set goals and save them for specific wishes that you have. iWish Goal based savings comes with the benefit of contributing any amount of money at any given point in time. With iWish, you have the chance to earn great interest rates on your Recurring Deposits.

If you are planning to create an iWish Account at ICICI Bank, but are unsure about how to withdraw money from it or are looking for details on iWish Goal based savings, read this article. This is a detailed ICICI Bank iWish FAQ article that will give you the answer to most of your questions and/or doubts.

  1. How do I know if I am eligible to have an iWish Account?

If you are a Resident individual or you have access to the facility of ICICI Bank Retail Net Banking, and have a minimum of one Savings Account linked to your ICICI Bank Retail Net Banking Account, you are eligible to apply for iWish.

  1. How can I set goals on iWish?

Visit and go to the Bank Accounts section, click on iWish, select iWish Goal Based Savings. You then have to click on “Create iWish” and enter the creation form. Enter the details such as your name, amount and tenure, category, and the initial deposit amount.

  1. How do I deposit any amount of money into an iWish Account?

You can easily deposit money into your iWish Account by either visiting the page called “ICICI Bank iWish” through the iMobile pay app or Internet Banking.

  1. What if a transaction fails on iWish?

If a transaction fails while you are contributing funds to your iWish, no amount will be debited from the Savings Account. In case the amount is debited from your Savings Account, it will be credited back, immediately.

  1. What is the minimum amount and the maximum amount for an initial deposit, on iWish?

The minimum amount for deposit is Rs 50 and the maximum amount for deposit is Rs 49,999 on iWish.

  1. What is the minimum and the maximum amount of my iWish?

The minimum amount on iWish has to be Rs 5,000 and the maximum Rs 5,00,000.

  1. How many active iWish Accounts can I avail, simultaneously?

The maximum number of active iWish Accounts that you can avail at any given point in time is <25>. You cannot actively use more than 25 iWish Accounts.

  1. How do I manage an iWish?

To manage your iWish, log into iMobile Pay or internet banking and find the list of your active iWish Account/s. The page called “iWish” will display all of your active and closed iWish Accounts, and their progress. You can rename, add funds, modify or set the auto debit option, or close the iWish on this page.

  1. What are the charges for an iWish Goal based savings product?

There are no charges for the iWish Goal based savings product. The iWish Goal based savings is a product that is offered free of cost by ICICI Bank.

  1. How do I withdraw money from an iWish ?

You can withdraw money from ICICI Bank’s iWish by simply logging in to your account and going to the withdrawal section.

  1. What happens if an iWish deposit is closed prematurely?

If your iWish deposit is closed prematurely, then the interest on your iWish will depend on the time period that you held the account. A premature closure would cost 0.5% in case your originally chosen tenure was less than one year, and it would be 1% if the tenure was for over a year.

  1. Is my iWish target amount changeable?

No, you cannot change the target amount on your iWish.

  1. Is my iWish tenure changeable?

No, the tenure of your iWish Account is not changeable.

  1. Will I be able to modify the Standing Instructions on Fund Transfers?

Yes, you will be able to modify the Standing Instructions on your iWish, by logging into iMobile Pay or Internet Banking.

  1. What are the steps to close my iWish Account?

To close your iWish Account, you have to first log in to your Internet Banking Account. Go to Bank Accounts, then click on iWish Goal Based Savings, go to the iWish dashboard and click on “Actions”, and press “Close” at the end.

You have to note that iWish does not allow you to deposit any additional amount of money once you have reached your target. Therefore, be careful while you create an iWish Account, and enter the details, only after thorough planning.

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