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7 Reasons why you should use iMobile


Smartphones play an integral part in our lives. In today's age, they help us in doing almost everything. From our exercising patterns to managing our investments, almost every work is done through phones. Banking too is a part of it, and mobile banking is a huge part of our everyday lives.

iMobile is an official mobile application provided by ICICI Bank, which was first launched in 2008. Since its launch, it has gone several changes and has always worked towards being one of the most comprehensive apps for mobile banking. 

iMobile has always been ahead of other phone banking apps and introduced features which would normally be absent in other banking apps. Recently, the app underwent a massive change in its interface and services, and introduced many futuristic features.

iMobile introduced a feature called 'Money Coach' which was created solely with the intent of helping customers in investments through the app. It also replaced the long, tedious paperwork of KYC by enabling online registration and uploading KYC documents online. 

Apart from Mobile Coach, iMobile offers voice command actions to help you transfer money just with a command. These two features are way ahead of their time as most banking apps are yet to reach there with such state of the art features. 

Features of iMobile application:

Taxi payment – You can link your Ola/Uber payment option directly with the banking app and complete payments. 

Book railway/flight/bus tickets - You can use the application to book tickets directly to any destination via trains, flight or bus.

Hotel bookings – Apart from flights and trains, this app can also be used to select and pay for your hotel bookings. 

Local deals – iMobile flashes everyday deals for local places in your city, which you can use anytime the need arises. 

Bill payment reminders – No more missing out on payments, set up bill payment reminders on your phone and do not worry about missing the due date. 

iDirect feature – This feature is made specifically to manage the demat account through your phone.

Check status – You can check the status of all your pending transactions through this app.

Insta Banking – You can get your branch banking done without even visiting the branch. You can get all the paperwork done through the app and enjoy priority banking. 

Expressions Debit Card – You can easily apply for a personalised Debit Card through iMobile.

Tax payment – iMobile also helps in paying the taxes in advance.

Purchase Insurance – Buying insurance has been made simpler than ever with this app. Get travel and motor insurance while you're on the go. 

Get Life Insurance – You can also purchase a life insurance in the following simple steps:

  • Log in to iMobile and go to Investments
  • Select Life Insurance and go to ‘Buy a new policy'
  • Select your plan details, preference and go to 'Next'
  • Fill the questionnaire that pops up and move on to the next step
  • Click on Confirm the application 

We hope this helps to enhance your banking experience and you will use iMobile for your banking needs. 

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