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Vacations Newsletter – September 2019

Vacations Newsletter September

Land Down Under

Isn’t it amazing that while we are preparing for the onset of winter, half the world is starting with their summer season? These seasonal wonders are quite mesmerising, it’s different on both sides of the equator. So, while we always imagine a festival with snow and cold weather, the land down under has a bright sunny festival. Australia has always been the poster country for destinations down under. A megadiverse country that sizes a wide variety of landscapes, desserts, tropical rainforests in the northeast and mountain ranges in the southeast. It is one of the oldest countries to be inhabited by the indigenous tribes. It is the only place in the world which is an island, a country and a continent all rolled in one. September is the favourable time of the year for the visit.

Soul Trip: A getaway, for the curious soul.


What makes us want to travel to far off lands? Why do we feel as if the distant places are calling us? The majestic mountains, green forests and the white beaches beckon us to leave our daily routine behind and spend some time exploring the unknown. That’s because, humans, by nature, are inquisitive creatures. We are programmed to always push our boundaries and venture into new territories even if it is just to see what’s there. So when you feel that the mountains are calling you, it is your inner voice reminding you to connect with nature and go exploring. It is this reason that we get a much deeper experience of our vacations if we decide to see a new place and let all the new elements of that place satisfy our innate curiosity. While not all of us can travel to space or moon, we can all travel to equally intriguing places.

Discover Your World


Dive into the Australian scenic beauties.

To get a sample itinerary for New South Wales, Australia, Click Here

Australia is huge. It is the sixth-largest country in the world and it’s quite impossible to explore in one go. So the first thing to keep in mind is to focus on which part of Australia would you really like to enjoy.

The second thing to keep in mind is that Australian seasons differ from ours, up here in Northern Hemisphere. So, if you want colder weather in Australia or if you want a skiing trip, you have to head south. If you are hoping for a beach vacation and warmer days, northern Australia should be your destination. Outdoor activities like walking tours, waterfalls, hiking, hot air ballooning and other sports are all possibilities for your September trip to Australia.

September is arguably the most beautiful time to be in Australia. It is the first month of spring, the season that allows Mother Nature to show off. It's also a great time for attending the many flower events held all over the country, along with art and cultural festivals.

One region that is particularly inviting at this time of the year is the New South Wales on the eastern side. Sydney is the largest city here, where one gets to acquaint with the best of everything that the world has to offer. You can choose to travel at your leisure time while taking in the savouring beauty or you could rush through its must-do's.

The great thing about this region is that you simultaneously dwell in both superlative urban experience and nature's cosy lap.

Here are some of the ideas:

Enjoy a tropical rainforest feel at Daintree.

Surf your way up the coast from Sydney to the north coast of New South Wales. 

Go on one of the bushwalks from Katooma into the Jamison Valley. 

Hire a houseboat in any one of many bays, lakes and rivers. 

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and see the sunset over Sydney. 

Visit Tamworth for your fix of country music. 

Camp in one of the many National Parks. 

Go wine tasting in the Hunter Valley – Australia’s finest wines come from here.

As a special treat, we have given a list of festivals happening in Australia in September in another section of this newsletter. Do try to attend one of these if you are travelling to Australia this September. 

Travel Smart


Smart ways to use your travel money cards.

Today, Travel Cards are the easiest and the most convenient means of carrying money while travelling. It offers the advantage of holding multiple currencies together. Also, its digital accessibility makes it easier to reload, block and check balance. Here are some handy tips to get the best out of your Travel Cards:

  • Keep your card safe: Like with any other card, you need to be cautious about your card and ensure that you have not scribbled the PIN onto it.
  • Change the PIN before leaving: It might be a good idea to change the PIN before leaving so there’s a lesser chance of your card getting blocked because if your bank detects any misuse/fraud due to your card suddenly being used abroad, sometimes they can block it. Changing the PIN can avoid that.
  • Pay in local currency: This is an important tip to remember. Whenever you transact in a different currency, make the payment in that local currency itself rather than applying the conversion at that point of sale or ATM. This is because your bank will almost always give you the best exchange rate rather than that hotel / shopkeeper / ATM.
  • Stay within the limits: Do not exceed your limit as the charges can be exorbitant.
  • Don’t use it for pre-authorisation: Sometimes a hotel takes a card for pre-authorisation. While the charge is not made, it can take a while for this pre-authorisation to be lifted off your limit.
  • Be careful of any withdrawal charges: In many cases, there is an extra fee on transactions. There are cards available, which can give you a free withdrawal from any ATM across the globe, there will be no extra charges.
  • In case of loss, block immediately. Use your card’s mobile app or desktop interface for the same to make it swifter.

News you can use


Events, festivals in New South Wales in September

As a special treat to continue our newsletter’s theme of Australia in September, here is a list of some amazing festivals that you should not miss out:

Sep 14 - Oct 13, 2019: Floriade: One of Australia’s month-long flower festivals in the capital of Canberra. It celebrates everything that spring has to offer. By showcasing a million flowers in their prime, while also offering plenty of activities throughout the day, including food, art and entertainment. There's something for everyone.

Year around in September 2019: Kings Park Festival: This is truly a must-see! With thousands of varieties of Western Australian wildflowers and more than 3,000 native plant species. Located at Kings Park and Botanic Garden, it is the most relaxing flower festival in all of Australia.

Sep 24 - Oct 07: Bowral Tulip Time Festival: It's this time when the people at the New South Wales Southern Highlands celebrate spring with 75,000 colourful Tulip bulbs and wonderful live music orchestra in the gardens. 

Sep 28 - Sep 29, 2019: Wangaratta Orchid Show: This event celebrates the beauty of exotic, tropical orchids in all variations: potting demonstrations, advice for growing, maintaining orchids at home, photography demonstrations, books for sale and more.

Sep 09 – Sep 29, 2019: Brisbane Festival: Since 10 years, this festival has entertained about a million people annually, with its theatre, music, dance, circus, opera, and other programmes performed at various venues. Enjoy the varied art shows in September.

Till Oct 12, 2019: Desert Festival: Typically running over seven weeks from August to October, this event has over 20 live shows including theatre, music, arts and children's activities in Alice Springs. It kicks off with the opening street parade at the Alice Springs Town Council Night Markets. 

Sep 12 – Sep 29, 2019: Melbourne Fringe: For more than two weeks in September, the city displays numerous types of art by over 3,000 artists at more than 170 venues from galleries to bars to laundromats. This huge event began in 1982.

Sep 15, 2019: Blackmores Sydney Running Festival: Celebrated on every third Sunday of September, it's all about health at this festival. So run, jog or take a social walk in one of the four-run distances offered at this festival.



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