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Eazypay Schedule of Charges

*Valid till 30th Sept 2021

UPI Charges-

UPI Charges
Installation Rs.0
Rental Rs.0
Transaction charges Rs.0

POS Terminal Charges:

Monthly swipe on terminal (TID) APOS Paytm Eazypay Platinum Integrated APOS Smart on the Move Device with Scanner Compact Device with Printer
Less than 1 Lac 950 600 799 950 350 500 300
1Lac to 2 Lacs 750 450 600 750 270 375 225
2 Lacs and above 500 0 0 500 0 0 0

Terminal Recovery charge (Non Usage for 45 Days and failure of recovery the terminal)-Rs.15,000 plus taxes

Transaction charges
Card Type Below 2K Above 2K
Debit Card-Domestic Rupay Card(As per govt. regulations) Rs.0 Rs.0
Debit Card-Mastercard /VISA 0.4% of transaction amount 0.9% of transaction amount


Credit Card Charges Standard Card Premium Card
Grocery store/Supermarket/Educational Institute 1.10% of transaction amount 1.10% of transaction amount
Others 1.25% of transaction amount 1.40% of transaction amount


  Grocery store & Supermarket, Insurance (MCC- 5960,5411,6300) Education (8299,8244,8241,8211,8249,8220) Non special MCC segment (other than grocery, supermarket, Insurance and education)
DC<2000 0.40% 0.40% 0.40%
DC>2000 0.90% 0.90% 0.90%
Consumer card 1.20% 0.90% 1.25%
Premium/Super Premium Credit card 1.20% 0.90% 1.85%
Corporate card 2.76% 2.76% 2.76%
International card 2.76% 2.76% 2.76%


Other Card Type
AMEX Card Hotels, Lodging, Travels & Ticketing Category-3.20% For all others-2.00%
Corporate Card 2.76%
International Card 2.76%

Charges For EMI Transaction-

DC EMI- 0.75% of the transaction amount CC EMI- 0.50% of the transaction amount

Eazy Online Store Offering:

Basic Package: Make your Store online Premium Package: Complete Digital Store Management
ICICI Current Account Mandatory Mandatory
Registration through InstaBIZ – Merchant App Eazypay POS Portal
Android POS terminal Not Mandatory Mandatory: Integrated APOS (Ezetap PAX A920)
Merchant applications (Android apps pre-installed in APOS) Eazy Store 1.EazySupply
Customer application (Android app) SnapOrder SnapOrder
Registration/Installation Fee NIL NIL
Monthly Rental 200 Rs. 300


  Premium Package:
Complete Digital Store Management
Android POS terminal Mandatory: Integrated APOS (PAX A920)*Separate Charges applicable
Merchant applications
(Android apps pre-installed in APOS)
  • EazySupply
  • EazyBilling
  • EazyStore
Registration/Installation Fee Rs. 500
Monthly Rental Rs. 300

Only applicable for Super Merchant Current Account Customers:

Non Utilisation Charges  
Swipe per month through POS/PG/QR Below Rs. 1000-Rs 499
Rs. 1000-25K-Rs.249

*Non utilisation charges will not be applicable for the month when Customer maintains atleast Rs, 50,000 MAB in Super Advantage CA and Rs. 500,000 MAB in Super Advantage Plus CA

*All charges are exclusive of GST

*T&C Apply