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Roaming Current Account

Roaming Current Account (RCA) offered by ICICI Bank, travels the distance with your business and helps effect lucrative business relationships. RCA brings with it the concept of 'Anytime Anywhere' banking, enabling you to operate your RCA from any of our branches in over 700 cities across India.

Recognising the fact that every business has particular requirements, a range of variants are available under RCA to suit varying needs. The choice of variants is based on committed Monthly Average Balance. It is also possible to modify/alter your current variant every month in response to changing needs.

The following features are available with all variants:

  • Flexible MAB from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10,00,000. With varied benefits.
  • IMPS
  • Bulk payments
  • Virtual Account Collection


  • Choose an account type that suits your business, from the available variants
  • Cheque issued from your RCA may be encashed at any of the 700 centers across India
  • Allows your customer to deposit cheques into your account from any ICICI Bank branch
  • Speedy reflection of the deposited cheque in your account


You may choose from the available six variants of the Roaming Current Account depending on your requirements:


Standard Classic Premium
Gold Gold Plus Platinum


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