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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Group (MAAG)

MAAG provides end-to-end advisory services to the client in mergers and acquisitions involving target search, analysis of the target and potential synergies for the client, value analysis, pricing strategy, review of the transaction documents, negotiation support, documentation and closure of the transaction.

ICICI Bank's Global Investment Group services you through the entire length of your project. From advisory and strategising services to successfully executing profitable deals to handling all the banking requirements, ICICI Bank provides the support at all stages.


ICICI Bank Edge

  • India's leading M&A house providing end-to-end solutions for inorganic growth aspirations of clients - from target search to deal closure
  • Strong sourcing and execution capability has enabled ICICI Bank to become one of the leading players in the arena of cross border acquisition advisory
  • Extensive experience of business and due diligence across sectors, developed through the core skills of credit assessment
  • Strong relationships with boutique investment banks and private equity funds across the world
  • Dedicated advisory team based out of various offices in Mumbai, London, Singapore, New York
  • Led by professionals with prior experience in advisory/ corporate finance
  • Well qualified and committed team working at sourcing leads and capable of executing tight deadlines
  • Robust processes incorporating the industry's best practices
  • ICICI Bank is ranked amongst top 3 in deal count for CY 2008 with 17 deals of value USD 1.1 billion (Source: Merger Market Global M&A round up for CY 2008)

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