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Our Services

The TradeChain platform provides multiple benefits for its users:

  • A transparent, simple and secure transaction-environment

  • Real-time alerts and availability of transaction information

  • Elimination of the transit-time with digital case-submission

  • E-Presentation of documents, resulting in faster processing

  • Reduced transaction-time and cost

  • Convenience of submitting transactions online.

TradeChain currently offers the following modules to its users:

  1. Open Account transactions

  2. Letter of Credit Issuance and Advising

  3. Bill Presentation and Acceptance.

Clients need to provide a simple On-boarding Form for availing the platform. For more details, please contact your nearest branch or get in touch with your Account Manager.

Existing ICICI Bank customers having a Current Account with our Bank can be on-boarded.

No, there is no involvement of physical document-submission.

Clients are sent an e-mail to their specified e-mail address at each stage and for all transactions. The same can also be tracked on the TradeChain platform.