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ICICI Credit Card Terms and Conditions



1. Fees and charges

A. Fees payable on the Credit Card by the card member

  • Annual fee: The annual fee for each card member may vary and is communicated when applying for the Credit Card. These fees are billed to the card account and stated in the card statement.
  • Renewal fees: Similar to annual fees, renewal fees may apply.

B. Cash advance fee

When using the Credit Card to access cash from ATMs in India or abroad, a transaction fee is levied on the amount withdrawn, billed in the following statement.

   - The transaction fee is subject to change at ICICI Bank's discretion.

   - All cash advances also carry a finance charge until full payment, which is subject to change.

C. Charges

- Certain charges and fees apply to card members for specific services or defaults regarding their card account.

- ICICI Bank retains the right to alter or introduce new charges or fees with customer notification.

D. Interest-free period

- The interest-free credit period ranges from a certain number of days, depending on the specific Credit Card scheme and merchant claim submission.

- Not applicable if the previous month's balance remains unpaid or if the card member availed cash from an ATM.

2. Limits

- ICICI Bank determines the card member's credit and cash withdrawal limits, communicated during card delivery and in monthly statements.

- The available credit limit may change based on internal criteria, with immediate customer notification.

- Card members can request credit limit increases by providing financial documents.

3. Billing and statement

- Monthly finance charges apply to transactions and cash advances not paid in full.

- Finance charges on cash advances apply from the transaction date until payment.

- Cardholders paying less than the amount due will incur finance charges on outstanding balances and new transactions until the previous dues are paid.

4. Billing and statement

- Monthly statements reflect payments, transactions and outstanding balances.

- Card members can pay the minimum amount due or the total amount due by the payment due date.

- Payments may be made through various channels including Net Banking, ATMs, Phone Banking, NEFT Fund Transfer and more.

5. Billing and statement

- The Bank sends reminders for outstanding dues; third parties may be involved for collections.

- ICICI Bank has a right of lien and set off on the card member's monies if the card account balance is not repaid within the prescribed time.

6.  Right of Lien

- The Bank can set off any card member's monies in any account/custody if the card balance is not repaid.

7. Termination/Revocation of the card membership

- Card members can terminate the card membership by submitting a written request and cutting the cards.

- The bank may restrict/terminate the card's use for unusual transaction patterns, non-payment or exceeding the credit limit.

- The Bank reserves the right to suspend the facility on the Credit Card if default occurs.

8. Loss/Theft/Misuse of card

- Card members must immediately notify the 24-hour Call Centre if the card is lost, stolen or misused.

- The Bank is not liable for transactions incurred before reporting the loss.

- Card members are responsible for losses due to fraudulent or careless actions.

9. Reward points

- Reward points are earned for transactions as per the terms and conditions.

- Reward points are valid for a specified duration.

- Several terms and conditions apply to reward points, including reversals for certain transactions.

10. Disclosure

- The Bank can disclose information related to Credit Cards to credit bureaus without notice.

- Card members are responsible for updating themselves with regulatory guidelines.

11. Lounge access

- Charges may apply for lounge accesses exceeding complimentary limits.

- Lounge access details vary by card variant.

- Safety and non-transferability of Priority Pass should be ensured.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of ICICI Bank. For specific charges and details, please refer to the Schedule of Charges available from ICICI Bank.