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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

ICICI Bank’s API Banking Portal for all your Business Needs

ICICI Bank’s API Banking Portal for all your Business Needs

An Overview: API Banking

The world is evolving with newer technologies at fast-moving speeds and the banking industry is often the first to jump in to experiment with this. Among them, API has been the biggest advancement in the banking segment. Open banking enables third parties, such as fintechs, to access consumer’s banking and other financial data by using open APIs.

ICICI Bank's API Banking enables its partner organisations to seamlessly co-create unique client solutions, enhancing their productivity. ICICI Bank API Banking enables you to manage your relevant banking activities from your server (such as collections, payments, reconciliations, account balance and retrieving bank statements). That’s not all, it links appropriate APIs with your server based on your business needs to give you an integrated banking solution thus saving time on bank branch visits

Market-Leading Expertise with ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank is one of the leading Financial Institutions in India to take your business to the next level with the power of API Banking, with 450+ Banking APIs and the fastest integration turnaround time. Application Programming Interface (API) Banking uses APIs (JSON/XML codes) for communication between bank and client servers, allowing for seamless data transmission between these two systems and providing seamless and secure integration between the customer and bank's systems. This API Banking capability allows you to easily carry out banking transactions without switching between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and bank.

The API Banking Portal allows developers from prospective partner firms worldwide to easily join, create, select, and test an application and obtain sample code.

APIs are offered in a variety of sectors, including accounts and deposits, payments and collection and cards and loans. This solution allows you to conduct financial transactions without having to switch between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and the bank. It offers simple and fast communication between bank and client servers, ensuring seamless and secure integration of the customer's and bank's systems.

What are the benefits offered with ICICI Bank API portal?

  • Bank reconciliation that is error-free and automated.
  • Retrieve account balance and bank statement.
  • Transaction status in real-time.
  • Collection via UPI API or virtual account management information.
  • Single and bulk payments are made directly.
  • Data transmitted between the bank and your servers is encrypted.
  • Payment gateway link creation through API.
  • Opening of a current account


ICICI Bank has a history of harnessing rapid innovations to introduce game-changing solutions to the banking industry. Another endeavour in this area is the API Banking portal. It is intended to be a quick and easy way for various prospective partner companies to connect with the Bank. The portal provides the most comprehensive array of immediate APIs available to make your business frictionless, all by just using a single portal. It will also increase business productivity because organisations can now collaborate with ICICI Bank in as little as a few weeks to a few days, as compared to the few months previously required.

Explore the world of ICICI Bank’s API integration facility available through the ICICI Bank Developer Portal - Click here now to sign up.

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