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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

Grow your business with ICICI Bank’s Eazy Online Store


A Term Loan is availed specifically for business purposes and is repaid with interest, over a tenure of your choice. The facility can either be unsecured or secured in nature. Dipping into personal funds for business needs, over the long haul, may not always be the wisest of decisions. Term Loans enable your company’s stakeholders to enjoy the optimal cost of funds in addition to tiding over uncertainty.

Evaluate Yourself:

Credit builds discipline if you are intent on expanding your business.

A Term Loan should,

  • Grow your business
  • Add long-term value to your operations
  • Help manage your capital structure with the right proportion of debt
  • Free your locked business assets and obtain an unsecured facility
  • Upgrade your equipment and enhance returns

Be it good times or bad, the EMI mode of payment ensures a constant cash outflow to fulfil your obligations.

How does ICICI Bank help you manage your business debt effectively?

The growth story of your business begins at ICICI Bank. Flexibility in choosing a repayment time-frame gives you the confidence to plan your business road map, effectively. The tenure begins from a minimum of 1 year and extends up to a maximum of 7 years.

At ICICI Bank, Unsecured Term Loans are sanctioned under the CGTMSE scheme for up to Rs. 2 crore. 

Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Check your eligibility in minutes, using ICICI Bank’s Term Loan Eligibility Calculator, here

  2. Apply using the online form, here

  3. Find out specifics about the offer

  4. Upon acceptance of the offer, the sanctioned value will be deposited into your account

Term Loan application will be assessed based on the company’s future Cash Flows, besides their organisation’s credit history.

Manage your debt wisely, with digital solutions from ICICI Bank.

Terms and conditions apply.

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