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2 mins Read | 3 Years Ago

The Most Common FAQs About FASTag Answered


FASTag is a recent concept introduced in our country to promote cashless transactions and provide greater efficiency in the toll collection procedures while relieving people of the long waiting queues at toll plazas. Here are some frequently asked questions about FASTag answered for you:

What is a FASTag?

It is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to make toll payments from the linked prepaid account, directly. It’s affixed on top of the windscreen of the vehicle, enabling driving through without stopping to make cash transactions at toll plazas.

Steps for FASTag use:


  • Affix the tag on your vehicle
    • Remove the adhesive strip and put the tag carefully in the center of your vehicle’s front windshield (from inside just behind the rear view camera). Once the FASTag has been placed on the windshield, do not take it out, as it may destroy the magnetic stripe. Do not use cello tape or other adhesives on the FASTag card.
  • Maintain sufficient balance in your Prepaid Account
    • The applicable toll amount will be automatically deducted from your Prepaid Account
    • To recharge the FASTag, log in with your details.
  • Zip through toll plazas without stopping to pay cash.


What are the benefits of using FASTag?

The tag reader reads the FASTag at the plaza and automatically deducts the toll amount without any need of carrying cash for toll transactions.

Which toll plazas are compatible for FASTag?

More than 773 toll plazas are FASTag operational across select state highways, national highways and parking plazas. In the future, the program will accommodate additional toll plazas.

Are there other charges applied, such as convenience fees?

Additional charges may be associated with the FASTag recharge through different channels. Convenience fee is not charged for recharge using UPI/BillPay. Convenience fee gets levied against processing of transactions.

Can one FASTag be used for 2 vehicles?

Separate FASTags are needed for two vehicles. The vehicle numbers can be added in the FASTag application to get it for both. After a FASTag login, opt for the feature of ‘Add Tag’ from the FASTag Customer Care portal to apply for additional tags later for other vehicles.

Are there any specific lanes to be used at the plaza for using FASTag?

Yes, only the demarcated lanes are to be used by FASTag users. These marked lanes carry the required infrastructure for reading the FASTag.

Are there any discounts/cashbacks on payments through FASTag?

There are no such benefits on the toll payments made using FASTag recharge currently. Cashback communication of IHMCL/ NHAI is changed as per their decisions.

What happens in case the FASTag gets dispatched, but is not received?

The bank makes two attempts to deliver it to the client and in case of failure with both attempts, it will get returned to the place of origin.

What is the government mandate for FASTags?

Starting Jan 1, 2020, all national highway lanes of toll plazas would be dedicated to FASTag and crossing the plaza would be mandatory. Non-users will get charged a double fee for passing through the FASTag lanes.

What happens to the FASTag in case of relocation to a different city?

FASTag works on all enabled plazas around the country. If the current address or the city of residence is changed, the new details have to be updated with the bank.

Why is FASTag mandatory even though some of the toll plazas don't have a separate lane?

All the plazas at the national highways are mandated for having a lane for FASTag, keeping in line with the digital initiative taken by the Indian government. In case any toll plaza fails to accept such payments or doesn't have the required lanes, call 1033 for registering a complaint.

How does one pay in case of a non-working ETC equipment of the plaza?

In case the equipment isn't working and the FASTag account has sufficient balance, pay the fee in cash at the toll plaza. Call 033 and register a complaint on the centralized call center which is set by the NHAI about such issues at the plaza.

Can monthly passes be available for FASTag?

The facility of monthly passes is specific for every toll plaza. This facility can be availed through the NHAI website.

What does a blacklisted FASTag mean?

A blacklisted tag means that the vehicle is no more eligible to pay using FASTag at a toll plaza. A tag without sufficient balance in its account is blacklisted.

When will a FASTag have low balance?

The threshold amount is to be maintained in the wallet and in case the balance goes below that amount, the account will go into a low balance. Low balance would make passing through a toll plaza with a FASTag, impossible. In such cases, recharge your FASTag.

How does one deactivate a FASTag?

Call the FASTag Customer Care number 400 or 8800688006 for blocking the account. You can also use the FASTag login portal by providing a User or Wallet ID and password and generate a service request by selecting the type as closure for closing the wallet.


ICICI bank offers a flat Rs 40 cashback on the purchase of FASTag. This offer is available from Mar 15, 2021 to Mar 31, 2021. To opt for this offer, give a missed call on 8141000850 from your registered mobile number while the offer period lasts. The cashback will be received within 15 working days, once the offer period gets completed.



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