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A Checklist for Buying Travel Insurance During Covid -19

A Checklist for Buying Travel Insurance During Covid -19

The Coronavirus pandemic has proved to be an ongoing issue, that has altered the course of each of our lives and has adversely affected travel and tourism. While each of these industries is now attempting to recover, it is doing so with a great amount of caution.

Despite this ongoing, many of you must be itching to travel, after being cooped up and having spent the past year and a half, indoors. However, it is important they do so in a manner that is safe and such that you don’t expose yourselves or others.

In light of this, the importance of a travel insurance has never been more prominent. While individuals might have been hesitant about applying for the same earlier, now is not the time to take unnecessary risks. Possessing a valid Travel Insurance is vital, as it provides the financial protection in the face of varied medical as well as non-medical emergencies, arising during travel.

As per definition, Travel Insurance is understood to be a form of insurance that provides coverage to individuals should they be faced with any costs or losses associated with their travels. Nationwide and international Travel Insurance is available during COVID-19. Read on to understand COVID-19 Travel Insurance coverage details.

Checklist for buying a Travel Insurance during COVID-19

For those seeking to avail a Travel Insurance during COVID-19, it is important to ensure that your Travel Insurance policy covers the following:

Coverage in case of COVID-19 – It is important to look for a travel insurance policy that provides medical cover, in the event that you fall sick and catch the coronavirus. While you might have been administered a vaccine for the virus, there is no guarantee of your not being susceptible to the virus, despite it. After all, regardless of whether you fly in economy or business class, the space between you and other passengers still isn’t sufficient enough, to ensure proper social distancing.

Coverage in case of trip cancellation – A Travel Insurance policy that provides coverage, in the event that you or your immediate family member fall sick with COVID-19 and have to cancel your scheduled trip, is one that is ideal.

Coverage in case of your flight being cancelled – Owing to the fact that Coronavirus cases do appear to surge and dwindle, in terms of the number of people affected in a particular location, the Government does often alter the rules overnight that pertains to travel. This throws light on the fact that while you might be able to register and book a flight at a certain point in time; Covid-19 cases in your home city or the place you are flying to, might have altered, which could result in your flight being cancelled or rescheduled. A good Travel Insurance policy would provide reimbursements for the same, or book another flight for you, free of cost, at a later date, when flights are permitted. It is important to note that airfare rates are more expensive due to the pandemic, therefore, receiving reimbursement in case of them being cancelled, is a boon.

Coverage in case of delay – In the event that a trip is delayed or rescheduled overseas, a good Travel Insurance policy will provide coverage for food and lodging expenses, while you await a new flight. In short, if you are looking to avail a Travel Insurance policy, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 scenario, you must consider whether the policy in question covers the following:

  • Costs associated with the trip being delayed
  • Medical expenses that are borne overseas
  • Catastrophic evacuation and political risks
  • Trip being cancelled or interrupted
  • Connecting flight being missed
  • Whether or not emergency hotel extensions are provided
  • Bounced bookings for airlines and hotels.


Those seeking to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic, must ensure that they have a negative COVID-19 test prior to travelling and should ideally be vaccinated. Moreover, they must be aware of the fact that lockdowns can be imposed anywhere and at any time, and must be prepared for the same. Understanding a Travel Insurance COVID cover is a must, before deciding to travel risk-free.


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