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Best Practices for Enhancing Your Digital Wallet Security


Digital payments have made everyday transactions convenient for many. Hence, more and more people are opting for digital wallets, to ensure smooth and quick transactions. However, it is essential to stay vigilant so as to ensure the security of your digital wallet.

In this article, we will discuss how you can enhance your digital wallet’s security.

Due to the ease of transactions that digital wallets provide, they are quickly becoming a popular transaction mode. With the help of a digital wallet, customers can make regular transactions, pay bills, transfer money, etc., effortlessly.

While digital wallets make transactions hassle-free, it is necessary to ensure that they are safe from any kind of threats, as they are linked to bank accounts. By following some practices, you can enhance the security of your digital wallet.

Practices to Secure Your Digital Wallet

Keep your data private

Don’t share your data with people whom you don’t trust. Avoid opening e-mails from untrusted sources. Make sure you don’t share any data over phone enquiries. Also, don’t allow anyone, that you don’t trust, to operate your devices.

Protect your devices with Passwords

In order to ensure your digital wallet’s security, one of the most important steps is to make your devices password-protected. Enabling passwords on your devices can protect them from various threats. Passwords can safeguard your devices from unauthorised logins. Passwords are the first stage of security against threats. Thus, ensuring that all your devices are password protected is necessary, to secure digital wallets.

Furthermore, you should make sure your passwords are unique and strong. Keeping a complicated password helps in securing your digital wallets. Also, a two-factor authentication can be very helpful.

Install apps from reliable sources

Make sure to install apps from sources that are reliable. Often, people download free apps for various purposes. Such apps can have hidden codes that take data from your device. This can be a threat to digital wallets. Therefore, before downloading, check the customer reviews and user ratings, to know if an app is secure.

Use secure internet

Often, people connect their devices to free Wi-Fi connections, without thinking whether they are secure networks. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. If networks are unsecured, your device becomes susceptible to threats.

Connect only to Wi-Fi networks that are password protected. Also, connect to internet connections with WPA or WPA2 names. Furthermore, avoid WEP networks, as they are open and insecure.

Don’t share your login credentials

In order to secure your digital wallet, you need to protect your login credentials. Store the login information in a protected file. If access to your login credentials is difficult, then you will be able to enhance the security of your digital wallets.

Know whom to contact, in case of any problem

While ensuring that digital wallets are protected from threats is important, it’s also essential to know whom to contact, in case any problem arises. You should know how to safeguard your devices, if you notice any fraudulent activity.

For instance, ICICI Bank’s Pockets Digital Wallet has a Customer Support feature that can be easily accessed by you, in case of any problems. You can notify the Support Team, to get help with your issue.

The security of your digital wallet is crucial. So, following the abovementioned practices will help you protect your digital wallet.

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