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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

5 Reasons You Should Invest in an iWish Account by ICICI Bank


Investing your money requires patience, vision and a financial goal that you have in mind. Moreover, prior to investing your money you need to take a good look at your own profile and understand what sort of an investment would suit you best. Those seeking to start their investment journey might want to begin by investing in a low-risk investment that compares better to an ordinary savings account. For such individuals, recurring deposits make for viable investments. ICICI Bank’s iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit serves as one of the most flexible forms of recurring deposits that make for a good investment tool. Read on to understand all that it entails and why you ought to invest in it.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in an iWish Account by ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank’s iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit makes for a viable investment as it allows investors to benefit from a good saving plan and accrue sizable returns that rival those generated via fixed deposits as well as other ordinary recurring deposits. Some of the more prominent reasons as to why the iWish account ought to be invested in are as follows.

Reason #1 Promote good saving habits

By allowing investors to make goal-based saving plans, the iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit account promotes a habit of saving among its investors. Those who start this account at a young age and are willing to keep it active for the maximum period which amounts to 60 months have the potential to accrue sizeable returns by the end of their tenure. Once you get into the habit of saving you are likely to always want to maintain this trend such that you have funds for a rainy day.

Reason #2 Viable investments during market volatility

Market volatility is natural to markets as they are known to move upwards and downwards in sharp spikes over short periods of time. For those new to the market who seek to steer clear of such scenarios and still invest their money, ICICI Bank’s iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit comes in handy as it is a low-risk investment that is unaffected by market conditions.

Reason #3 Major flexibility on offer

One of the crowning glories of ICICI Bank’s iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit is that it allows you to have a tremendous amount of flexibility. Not only can you invest whatever sum you would like, but you can also invest this sum of money at any point in time with a frequency that works best for you. You aren’t required to make contributions each month on a particular date and aren’t charged with a penalty in the event that you can’t make a contribution. As an investor with an iWish account, you have the freedom to keep your account valid for a tenure ranging from 6 to 60 months.

Reason #4 Interest rates that rival those of fixed deposits and other regular recurring deposits

The interest rate applicable to ICICI Bank’s iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit is most enticing and in line with competitive fixed deposits and recurring deposits available in the market today.


Make sure to visit ICICI Bank’s website in order to learn more about iWish and consider using the iWish calculator to discern the kind of returns you can accumulate.

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