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How to start using iMobile Pay app

How to start using iMobile Pay app?

Do you maintain separate apps for making virtual payments and carrying out banking tasks? Are these apps eating away your phone’s space? Now is the time for you to switch to iMobile Pay Mobile Banking app, which is a single hub for money transfers, payments, transactions and a lot more! Read more to know how to use the Mobile Banking app.

There is a plethora of UPI platforms launched by big brands, aiming to simplify your financial needs. Do you maintain a separate mobile app for managing banking and virtual transactions? Storing your phone with abundant apps like these can make your device run out of space. If you want to experience the best banking app in the country that has all your financial needs covered, then it’s time you download the iMobile Pay Mobile Banking app. It is now accessible all over India. Customers maintaining an account with any bank can access the ICICI Bank’s Mobile Banking app by creating a login and start performing tasks with a stable internet connection.

iMobile Pay app has a smart user interface to enable seamless user experience. Here are some of the utilities of the app for both, ICICI Bank and Non-ICICI Bank customers:

  • A single hub for managing customer payments and banking-related activities

  • Make instant online payments by scanning the QR code using any mobile device

  • Alternatively, you can also share the QR code through WhatsApp, or e-mail to the sender. The payer needs to simply click on ‘Scan to Pay ‘ on the iMobile app, and make the payment instantly

  • iMobile Pay app’s ‘Pay to contact’ feature allows you to transfer money to anyone from your contact list with added safety

  • In its upcoming features, the Mobile Banking app aims to let users do online recharges, utility bill payments, travel or movie ticket bookings, among others

  • Apart from the above benefits, Non-ICICI Bank customers can view account balance, track transactions, scan to pay, reset UPI PIN, send money to bank account/contact/ self/ any UPI ID, among others

How to use the Mobile Banking app?

  • Download the iMobile app from the App Store
  • Set up a four-digit login PIN. You can also use a fingerprint
  • To link your Savings Account with the iMobile app, click on the ‘link account’ and enter the required details. You have the convenience to link multiple bank accounts
  • Post linking, you will receive a UPI ID which will be necessary while making payments, transfers or transactions. If you have more than one bank account, you can opt for anyone having the required balance to carry out transactions

To sum up, ICICI Bank’s ‘iMobile Pay’ app is one of the best banking apps in the world for its range of services, functionalities and intuitive design. Download the iMobile app today!

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