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Bring back those old memories!

As a professional, your identity has revolved around your work for many years. The only way to ensure a smooth transition in your golden years is to plan for it, stage wise.

Changing retirement sentiments that one experiences:

10 years

Imagines a
fulfilled retired

5 years

Anticipates how retired life would shape up.

1 year

Feels concerned about how to cope with the transition.


You may experience a reorientation and reconciliation in many areas of your life.

Let’s look at the various transitions you will need to make for your golden years.

Emotional Transition:

An end to your work-life, changes your overall lifestyle and habits. Hence, you need to have an optimistic outlook to life.

Tip: Stay connected with family and friends.

Intellectual Transition:

Your intellect has been an important part of your life and in this phase you need to explore something new.

Tip: Invest your time and energy in learning new skills.

Social Transition:

A successful career gives social recognition and this will change as you step away from work.

Tip: Donate your time and effort to a cause that gives a sense of accomplishment.

Physical Transition:

As you age, your physical metabolism will change.

Tip: Choose an exercise regime as per your age, to boost your mood, relieve stress, and also don’t forget to invest in a good Health Insurance plan.

Financial Transition:

Start early and plan for your expenses, lifestyle and retirement goals, to lead a worry-free retired life.

Tip: Start small through a Systematic Investment Plan in instruments based on your risk appetite and be consistent to enjoy the power of compounding.

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