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Which Savings Account is best suited for you?

Simple ways to earn higher Interest on your Savings Bank Account

Customers always prefer a Savings Account because of it offers security and liquidity. But opening a Savings Account is not enough. Selecting the right type of Savings Fund for yourself is equally important to avail the numerous benefits. Read on to know more.

1. Regular Savings Account:

A Regular Savings Account helps you save money securely with a regular interest on the deposit, which doesn’t oscillate from high to low and vice versa. Customers interested in this type of Savings Account simply want to keep a portion of their money liquid and safe in a bank.

2. Savings Account for students:

Campus Account is a type of Savings Account availed by students who are pursuing pre-approved courses and are aged between 18 and 27 years. There is also a Student Account available for NRI students.

3. Instant Savings Account:

An Insta Savings Account is a lot like a regular Savings Account. An Insta Account can be opened online and does not require a physical visit to the branch. For example, you can open an ICICI Bank InstaSave Account with your Aadhaar, PAN and other basic details. Do you want to open a Savings Account without the hassle of visiting a bank? This one's for you!

4. Savings Account for women:

Banks have started offering unique Women's Savings Accountsfor financially independent women. The ICICI Advantage Women's Savings Account offers a wide range of exciting features such as Reward Points on Debit Cards, Instant Account opening and more.

5. Privilege Savings Account:

Privilege Savings Account provides a wide range of exclusive benefits to the Account holders such as discounts on locker facilities, unlimited withdrawals, a banking assistant, priority services at select banking zones and so on. You will find several Privilege Savings Account with several exciting features at ICICI Bank.

6. Family Savings Account:

Family Savings Account is the type of Account that lets your family members address all their banking needs through a common platform. It is a better choice over a Regular Savings Account in terms of lower minimum balance requirements, wealth management and other features. To learn more about a Family Savings Deposit Account get in touch with ICICI Bank’s Family Banking Division.

7. 3-in-one Online Trading, Demat and Savings Account: 

Trade successfully in the markets with a regular Bank, Demat and Trading Account under one product. As retail-trading gains ground in the nation, more leading financial institutions and banks are offering 3-in-one Accounts to customers.

8.Salaried Accounts:

The Salaried Account is exclusively meant for salaried employees with all the usual advantages of a Regular Savings Account. A Zero Minimum Balance requirement means that a minimum amount need not be maintained in your Account.

Different types of Savings accounts come with rates, with some offering a higher rate than a Regular Savings Account. So, make sure you choose wisely!

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