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South Africa Newsletter – August 2019

Vacations Newsletter August

Wildlife Adventures

In our daily lives of never-ending chores, crowded streets, chasing office deadlines, and the routine jobs day-in-day-out, one can lose sight of our fellow beings on this planet. It might feel as if we are the only ones on this Earth, but one trip to the Savannahs of Africa will bring you right back to the start of the civilisation when the animals roamed more freely on this land than the humans do today. No trip to Africa is complete without jungle safaris, and South Africa is no different.

Its national parks, Kruger, Table Mountain, Bontebok, Addo Elephant and many more are world-famous for its teeming wildlife and grasslands. In its environs, you will find lions, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, gazelles, thousands of different varieties of birds, insects and countless other species. Even if you do nothing, but just sit in the jeep watching our majestic fellow earthlings wander by, it will be an adventure like nothing else. The beauty and diversity that one experiences in a wildlife safari help you connect with nature – to see its many forms all at one place. This is both a calming and exhilarating experience – unlike any other.

Soul Trip: Connecting the jungle way of life

Many people would never trade their comfortable city lives for a life in the jungles. But the ones who have breathed in the fresh air, laced with the smell of green trees, and sounds of chirping birds, know that the jungle way of life is far more nourishing for the soul than the city life can ever be.

It might seem daunting at first, as all the facilities that we are used to are not that abundant in a forest, but once you start recognising the immense riches of the land; you will find a new nirvana because the jungle breathes in the same rhythm as the universe.

For starters, jungle life follows the sun and the seasons. Your day starts when the sun rises: no clocks, no alarms; your day ends when the sun goes down. All living beings follow the patterns of seasons. Like the wild beast who move from one part of Africa to another as the rains move.

In a jungle, we learn to live by our senses. Living amongst, rather than protected from, the dangers that surround is how we cultivate instinct and survival skills. We learn by watching, feeling, hearing and being. We can all do a bit more of that. City life dulls our senses; jungle life awakens them.

Finally, in a jungle, you make much stronger connections with the community. In your city apartment, you might not meet your neighbours for months, but in a jungle, everyone stands for everyone. There are shared resources, information and group actions against any predators. When a tree full of tasty fruit is found; everyone shares it. In the evening, everyone sits by the fire and sings songs.

When you think of these points, suddenly the jungle life starts looking far more fetching than we ever imagined it to be.

Discover Your World

South Africa

Meet the king of the jungle

To get a sample itinerary for South Africa, Click Here

South Africa is the land of jungles, deserts, mountains and ocean fronts. It is a paradise for anyone interested in natural history. A wide range of species (some potentially dangerous) may be encountered in parks, farms, private reserves and even on the roads.

Apart from Kruger National Park, which is the most famous of all, exceptionally well-managed and a favourite tourist destination; there are many others. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is in the heart of the Kalahari Desert with wide-open spaces and hordes of games including the majestic ‘Gemsbok’. This is the first park in Africa to span across political borders.

There are also a large number of smaller parks like the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, Pilanesberg National Park or the Simangaliso Wetland Park which are teeming with specialised fauna and flora and can make for offbeat destinations in South Africa. In August, most of the country is sunny, warm and dry. The shift from winter to summer also means that the natural flora and fauna is thriving, and is putting its best foot forward. Indeed, this is a great month to be in South Africa.

The top safari destinations in South Africa – Kruger National Park, and nearby South Luangwa Valley in Zambia are in their top game-viewing season. For nature lovers and photographers, nothing can be as enticing as the crisp sunrise views and red dusty sunset views. Amid all the fun, the wild animals around the waterhole can be easily spotted and photographed. For someone planning to be amazed by the wildlife in South Africa, there cannot be a better time than August to visit. If you are into whale-watching, then June to November is the perfect time for whale watching tours in the coastal South African region. Peak calving season also happens to be somewhere around July and August. The Coastal Africa region from Hermanus to St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal is a wonderful place to be for all the whale-watching enthusiasts. Hermanus is one of the best places to visit in South Africa in August for whale-watching. But don't just stop at wildlife even though you will never be able to get enough of it. Make time in your schedule to visit Pretoria, Johannesburg too as these cities have a special connection to Indians-Mahatma Gandhi started Satyagraha here.

Travel Smart

Essential personal care while travelling

When we travel, we are unable to follow the same personal care regime that we follow at home, especially if we travel to extreme conditions such as high altitudes or deserts or even the seas.

If you are on a jungle safari holiday, you will be traversing the jungles almost the whole day in open jeeps. This will rough up the skin and hair due to dust and dryness. Similarly, extended time on snow or by the beach can make your hair and skin feel dry.

  • The first thing is to keep yourself hydrated very well during your vacations. You should increase your regular intake of water by two-three glasses.
  • The other contributing factor is disturbed schedules which impact healthy bowel movement. Try to follow your set eating schedules and eat light. Start your day with a glass of warm water every day.
  • While cleaning the skin is important, it is even more important that you follow the cleansing with a toner, moisturiser and sunscreen. If you don’t use moisturiser during the day, put it on while sleeping.
  • Carry a facial mist spray like rosewater that you can spritz through the day.
  • Ladies should skip makeup while travelling. These products leave a build-up residue.
  • Try to keep your hair covered with a cap.
  • Carry a hair mask and apply it before the hair wash. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • You can also keep your hair lightly oiled during the day to avoid hair becoming rough and brittle.
  • Use a light, hydrating body lotion that allows the skin to breathe.
  • Finally, choose your clothes wisely. Pack your attires looking at the weather conditions. Avoid polyester and other synthetic fibres. For cold areas, layering will be better than heavy jackets.

More than anything else, enjoy your time out. Don’t let your concerns about skin and hair stop you from having an adventure. End your holiday with a day of top-to-toe pampering, so you can start looking like a million bucks before you head back home.

News You Can Use

Events, festivals around the world and key announcements

  • August 23: Dusseldorf Gourmet Festival, Germany
  • August 22: Festival of Motoring, Johannesburg
  • August 2 – August 26: Fringe, Edinburgh, UK
  • August 29: La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain
  • India gets its 38th UNESCO World Heritage Site in Pink City Jaipur
  • Air Asia launches direct flights between Sharjah and Vienna
  • Tourists to get free SIM card with talk time and data on arrival at Dubai Airport
  • Marriott and Emirates have launched a joint loyalty programme.

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