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Cash Pickup & Delivery

ICICI Bank has implemented various customised cash pick-up & delivery solutions to meet specific requirements of our customers. Door Step Banking (DSB) services ensure timely pickup/delivery of cash from multiple locations, on agreed frequency or On-call basis.

DSB service provides

  • Cash pickup/collections from clients premises and deposits the same in clients account with ICICI Bank
  • Pickup cash from ICICI Bank branch and delivers the same to client at doorstep


  • Minimization of operational risk
  • Customized & comprehensive MIS
  • Reduction in cost
  • Efficient logistic support
  • Flexibility in availing services (regular or ad hoc basis)
  • Easy reconciliations

Cash Deposit Machines (CDM)

ICICI bank offers Cash deposit machines (CDM) facility. These machines can be installed at your premises for convenient use. The machine provides acknowledgement slip of cash deposit to the user with details of denomination, deposited amount, and the details of the depositor. This machine comes with customizable features like capturing depositor’s unique identifier, type of deposit etc.


  • Security
  • Customised MIS
  • Increased efficiency
  • Real Time update to customer’s ERP
  • 24*7 cash deposition availability

Cash Deposit Card (CDC)

ICICI bank offersCash Deposition Card (CDC) enabling representative of corporate to deposit cash through Cash Acceptance Machine (CAM) installed at ICICI bank branches.

Corporates can use CDC to deposit cash either through their agents, dealers, field officers or their own employees. These is exclusively designed to allow only cash deposition through CAM in the customer’s mapped account

List of CAM enabled Branches: Cash Deposit Machine Branches & Location - ICICI Bank


  • Cash Deposition by swiping card through CAM
  • Elimination of error in account number and dealer code updation
  • Card with restricted access and for specific use
  • Unique card number for each card for identification
  • Better monitoring, tracking and reporting of Cash Deposition


  • Convenience
  • No need to share account details with dealers/vendors
  • Real Time update to customer’s ERP
  • Easy reconciliations
  • Reduction in cost

Cash Withdrawal Facility Through CIB

ICICI bank offers cash withdrawal facility for customers through Corporate internet banking (CIB). You can opt this service for your cash requirement in over 5000+ branches as per your need.


  • Option for single as well as bulk cash withdrawal request
  • Status of the request can be checked online
  • Denomination wise cash withdrawal request can be placed


  • Increased efficiency
  • Robust network of branches
  • Option for single as well as bulk cash withdrawal requests

ICICI Corporate e-BankingInternet Banking Login (


ICICI Bank brings to you Digi-Q - convenience of digital pay in slips for the current account customers. It initiates the transaction without losing time at the branches.

It enables depositor to capture the unique identifier details required by the account holder like- agent code, agent mobile number, agency name, policy number etc. by enabling customized pop up facility.


1. Customized pop-up fields to be entered by depositor

2. Paperless Processing, minimal deposit time at branch

3. What depositor enters is what customer sees in the Account statement

4. Depositor to capture values once and then based on the history it gets prefilled

5. Instant deposition alerts to the Corporate and the depositor

6. Easier reconciliation both for the Corporate and depositor

7. Value added service can be extended through API/XML alert integration with the client system

8. Real time validation before cash deposition from client ERP system

9. Unique reference number for both depositor and client for quick reconciliation

Download Instabizz from Play store and find the option.

Popular FAQs

1. How is authentication of client done at a pickup location in Doorstep Banking?

When the agent goes to a pickup location authentication is done using scratch card or OTP. Alternatively, QR enabled service can also be opted.

2. Can the cash be collected from a third party location?

The addresses serviced shall be customer’s own premises and not a third party location. In case of third party location, said services can be provided subject to certain conditions like feasibility of the location, pickup amount, etc.

3. Does AML (Anti Money Laundering) letter need to be obtained during every cash collection?

AML letter is not required during every cash pickup. It needs to be submitted once at the start of every financial year.

4. Is the facility of doorstep banking available across India?

A feasibility check is carried out to check whether the cash pick-up location is feasible or not. If the location is feasible to provide the services, the application will be approved.

5. Does ICICI bank charges any fees for their Doorstep Banking service?

Yes, ICICI bank charges a nominal fee per thousand rupees. These charges are to support the operational costs incurred to provide the best possible service to the client. These charges would depend upon cash pickup location and amount.

6. How should the cash be handed over to the pickup agency?

Cash is required to be handed over to agency only in sealed bags for safe and secure handling process. The bags will be provided by the agency.

7. What is to be done if the customer doesn’t want/have any cash to deposit during the agreed frequency?

Exchange of scratch card (authentication method) is mandatory to establish successful visit by agency even if cash is not deposited.

8. Can cash pickup be requested on a holiday?

In case, the customer wants the facility of cash pick up on Bank Holidays, then feasibility for the same will have to checked and extra charges will be levied.

9. Are there any restrictions on deposition of any denominations?

Cash is accepted as per 80:20 ratio, where 80% should be higher currency denomination. Currently 100 and below currency denominations are to be considered as lower and denomination 200 and above is to be considered as higher denominations.

10. How can the customer check cash pick-up status and other details?

To manage Door Step Banking, we have client facing portal called ICash. Client based information such as cash pick-up status, MIS report, etc. can be referred and viewed from here. Clients can also initiate queries related to the activated pick-ups.

11. Can the customer get a trial of the pickup to get the experience of the process?

Yes. A dry run is carried out before initiation of the actual cash pick-up where mapped agency custodian will visit pickup location and get introduced to the client’s store/office representative. The exchange scratch card and custodian list (authorized agency persons) will take place. Successful dry run will flag off the cash pick-up process.

1. Will the client get real time credit in account for cash deposited in CDM (Cash Deposit Machines) at client’s premises?

Real time credit to client’s account is not available for cash deposited in CDM at client’s premises. Cash is cleared from CDM by agency once every day on all bank working days and credit to clients account is by end of the day.

2. Can a depositor be identified uniquely in CDM (Cash Deposit Machine)?

Yes, the depositors who deposit cash in the CDM machines can be identified uniquely.

3. How does customer get acknowledgement of deposit in the CDM (Cash Deposit Machine)?

Customer gets a deposition slip with the details of denominations of cash deposited as an acknowledgement of deposition.

4. Will there be any charges to avail the CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) services?

Yes, it is a chargeable service. The charges will depend on location of customer premise and the volume of cash.

1. Where can I find a list of CAM (Cash Accept Machine) enabled branches?

Click here to find the list of CAM enabled branches and their location of ICICI bank branch.

2. Are all the issued CDC cards for a customer identical?

No. Each card has a unique number for identification. All cards will bear name of the corporate.

3. Will the representatives of the customer receive card directly from the bank?

No. All cash Deposition Cards and PIN shall be dispatched to address mentioned in the customer account and not to individual representatives.

4. For cash deposited in CAM (Cash Accept Machine) using CDC (Cash Deposit Card), will the narration contain depositor information?

Yes, presently complete 16 digit CDC number is captured in narration of account statement.

5. Is there a limit on how much cash can be deposited using CDC (Cash Deposit Card)?

For the customers who have not provided duly signed AML (Anti Money Laundering) letter, the daily deposition limit is Rs.10 lacs. Once they submit the AML letter, this limit will be waived off.

6. Can vendors withdraw money as well using the CDC (Cash Deposit Card)?

No. The CDC card cannot be used for withdrawing through CAM (Cash Accept Machine). It can be used only for depositing. Also, it is mapped only to one account for cash deposition.

1. Can customer place denomination wise cash withdrawal request?

Yes. The customers can place denomination wise cash withdrawal request through transfer module in the CIB (Corporate Internet Banking).

2. Can customer place bulk cash withdrawal requests?

Yes. The customers can place single as well as bulk cash withdrawal requests. For bulk cash withdrawal requests the customers must fill in all the details and upload relevant files on the CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) platform.

3. Where can the user view the status of SRs (Service Request) generated in cash withdrawal requests?

User can view the status of the generated SRs on the CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) platform.

Navigation: Transfer & Bill Pay -> Cash Withdrawal request -> DSB reports

4. What are the timings in which customer can request for delivery of cash?

Customer can request the time of delivery during the working hours of a bank branch.

5 What is the minimum timeline that customer can request before the time of delivery?

Customer has to put the request at least one day before the date of delivery.