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Scenario of Investment scam victim

  1. 01. Fraudsters introduce themselves as recruiters hiring for part-time jobs.
  2. 02. They describe the job and manipulate people to perform tasks for money
  3. 03. They add them to Telegram groups and pay them small returns for performing tasks
  4. 04. They ask individuals to invest money with a promise of quick and high returns
  5. 05. Individuals are then guided to invest bigger amounts after which the fraudsters stop replying to them
  6. 06. Individuals end up losing their money

Best practices to prevent fraud:

Never share personal details

Never share personal details:

Beware of unsolicited calls or SMSes from strangers asking for confidential banking details.

Don’t click on suspicious links

Don’t click on suspicious links:

Never click on links, download files or open attachments sent through SMSes or other messaging apps from unknown senders

Monitor your account
Monitor your account:

Regularly monitor your account for discrepancies. If you find any suspicious transactions, report them immediately. 

Access control measures

Access control measures:

Verify the identity of the person before sharing the credentials for accessing your device.

Trusted sources

Trusted sources:

Download apps only from official app stores to avoid risks. Be cautious about granting permission to different apps.

QR codes

QR codes:

Never scan QR codes for receiving payments. Be cautious when you receive QR codes on e-mail or through text messages.