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As a first-time user, the page is taking time to load. What should I do?

For first-time users, the data for the past 90 days would be fetched by the Personal Finance Management (PFM) system from multiple systems within ICICI Bank. This may take about 30 - 40 seconds. Please refresh the page (by pressing the F5 key) and try again, in case this isn’t resolved. This issue will not persist in consecutive log-ins.

Would my existing accounts, investments and loans with ICICI Bank reflect in My Goals?

Yes, all ICICI Bank relationships linked to your User ID would reflect under Net worth and would also be part of the drop-down that appears for notional assignment while you are creating the goal. If you have accounts and investments in addition to those with ICICI Bank, and want to see them all in My Goals, please go to ‘Consolidate your finances’ and either enter credentials for that Bank or Financial institution or enter details manually. Physical assets like real estate and precious metals can also be manually added.

How safe it is for me to share the credentials of other banks / financial institutions on the My Goals portal?

The ‘Consolidate your finances’ widget is powered by Yodlee. Your information is guarded with multi-layered hardware and software encryption for 24/7 protection.

What is Customer Profiling and why is it part of the My Goals platform?

Customer Profiling has been made mandatory for all retail Mutual Fund and Insurance transactions with effect from July 1, 2015.

If you have already undertaken profiling, you will not be asked to fill the questionnaire again, as your profiling would be fetched.

Since MF and Insurance do not form part of the solutions for short-term goals (goals within the tenure of 3 years), the profiler questionnaire isn’t a part of the short-term goals flow. For long-term goals (goals with a tenure of 3 years and above), MF and Insurance are shown as solutions, before which the profiling is mandatory.

Is My Goals a free platform?

Yes, My Goals is a free platform, and no charges are levied for registration and usage.

How is the Net Worth calculation done?

The Net Worth is calculated by summing up all your asset values and deducting all your liabilities from it.

How do my transactions get categorised?

We categorise transactions based on their payees. A payee is the description for a transaction. It could be:

  • The name of a store, utility, or person that you paid
  • The name of a business or person who paid you
  • A type of transaction, such as Monthly Fee
  • Just the word Cheque or Deposit

The payees from your bank often have a lot of extra text at the end. Whenever possible, we will suggest more intuitive names and categories for common payees.

How is my information protected in My Goals from ICICI Bank?

We certainly understand any concerns you may have about the security of your information in My Goals from ICICI Bank. My Goals from ICICI Bank is part of ICICI Bank's Internet Banking facility and follows the same security features as the rest of the website to ensure security of your online transactions and confidentiality of your data.

Which browsers does My Goals from ICICI Bank support?

My Goals from ICICI Bank supports the following browsers on the Microsoft Windows operating system:

  • Internet Explorer 8  (Standards mode only)
  • Firefox - 10  (Latest version recommended)
  • Safari - 6  (Latest version recommended)
  • Google Chrome - 17  (Latest version recommended)

Will the goals that I set appear the next time I login?

Yes, My Goals from ICICI Bank saves the goals set by you, and each time you login, you would be able to see your goals, in addition to the percentage achievement. You can invest in any of the solutions offered or opt for a pre-qualified offer designed especially for you, and turn your dreams into reality.

Can I also transact through the My Goals Platform?

Yes, My Goals from ICICI Bank not only provides goal-based solutions, but also enables you to transact and invest in Fixed and Recurring Deposits, Mutual Funds and Insurance from the platform itself.

How does My Goals from ICICI Bank help me?

  • My Goals from ICICI Bank enables you to set goals and save towards achieving them by looking at your finances in totality.
  • You can notionally assign accounts and investments towards your goals and using the goal-related solutions, can cover the shortfall.
  • Solutions that would enable you to achieve your goal immediately, and solutions that can help you make an informed decision at each step of the savings journey would be offered.
  • Get a one-view of your Net worth by consolidating your physical and financial assets
  • Categorise your expenses and track them over time
  • View spends in charts to understand them better
  • Set budgets and get e-mail alerts