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The documents / information required to be scanned / couriered to COPS are as below:

  • Completely filled-in & signed EEFC Account Opening form.
  • Constitution Document like the board resolution, partnership letter, proprietorship letter etc authorising the EEFC account opening. The Board Resolution / Partnership letter / propreitorship letter should mention the currency in which the account is to be opened.
  • The proof of status (i.e. whether the unit is located in SEZ, STP or EHTP etc.) should accompany the AOF and other documents being sent to COPS.
  • Importer- Exporter Code if applicable.
  • Nomination form, if the customer has given the consent for the same, Nomination form is applicable only to Individual and Sole Proprietors
  • Proof of PAN/ Form 60.
  • NOC from the Lending Bank(s) extending credit facility to the entity / firm, if applicable.


  • Identity proof of all authorised signatories.
  • Address proof of all authorised signatories.


Partnership Firms

  • Partnership deed duly stamped & signed by all Partners.
  • Identity proof for all authorised signatories.
  • Partnership letter on the Firm's letterhead signed by all partners In Bank's Format.


Private and Public Limited Companies

  • Board Resolution in Bank's Format ( Signed by two directors/ company secretary).
  • Latest list of all Directors with their Addresses duly dated & signed by Company Secretary/ director(s).
  • Identity proof of all authorised signatories & certifying director.


Trusts/ Clubs/ Society / Associations

  • Identity proof of all authorised signatories.
  • Certified copy of Resolution to open the account signed by Managing Trustee/ Secretary.
  • List of all office bearers/ trustees with their addresses signed by Managing Trustee/ Secretary/chairperson/two authorised signatories.


Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

  • HUF letter (as per Bank's format) signed by Karta and all major co-parceners. Data pertaining to minor co-parceners and female members should be recorded.
  • Photograph & Specimen signatures of the Karta and all co-parceners (Female member cannot be included as a Co-parcencer).
  • Identity proof of Karta.
  • Address proof in the name of the HUF / Karta.


Proprietorship Firms

  • Identity proof of proprietor (Authorised Signatory(ies))
  • Proprietorship Letter on the Letterhead in Bank's Format