Reward Credit Cards - Earn Hand-Picked Rewards

You earn Hand-picked Rewards points for virtually every rupee you spend on your Card. Simply use your eligible ICICI Bank Credit Card for your everyday purchases and watch your reward points add up. Here are some ways to accelerate your rewards earn!

Simply follow these five easy steps to earn Hand-picked Rewards points quickly:

Everyday shopping

Use your ICICI Bank Credit Card everyday for everything from grocery shopping to eating out and online shopping.

High-value purchases

Use your Card for purchasing jewellery and making your travel and holiday bookings and watch your points grow even faster.

International Travel

Remember to carry your ICICI Bank Credit Card when you travel internationally.

Automatic Bill Pay

Pay your recurring bills like utility payments through your ICICI Bank Credit Card to earn more points.

Supplementary Cards

Earn rewards faster by sharing the privileges and benefits of your account. You can gift up to 2 Supplementary Cards to your family members above 18 years of age. For more information or to request a Supplementary Card application, please call our 24-hour Customer Care.



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