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Whether you own a residential, commercial or special use property, it is an asset that can be used as collateral against a loan, when you have a financial requirement. Monetary problems pertaining to business expansion, child’s higher studies, wedding or medical emergency can strike anytime, but it can be settled conveniently, if you own a property. You can easily secure a loan by mortgaging your property. A Loan Against Property or LAP is a secured loan obtained by any individual or entity who owns a property in his/her name.

Put your financial worries to rest as ICICI Bank offers Loan Against Property (LAP) that can help you live your dreams. LAP can be used for personal or business needs. You do not need to sell your property; it will be used as collateral by ICICI Bank to offer you the required loan amount. ICICI Bank Loan Against Property is one of the effective ways to raise money. It offers a high loan amount, lower interest rate and a flexible loan tenure. Additionally, you can leverage our attractive offers to meet your financial needs, without any hassles. 

Applying for a Loan Against Property at ICICI Bank involves a simple online application process for salaried employees, business professionals and self-employed individuals, who own residential, commercial, or a special purpose property in their name. Enjoy comfortable EMIs with a long tenure of up to 15 years and also avail an Overdraft with it.

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High Loan Amount

Based on the value of the property being offered as collateral, ICICI Bank lets you avail a high loan amount of up to Rs 5 crore, at a low interest rate. The minimum loan you can avail is Rs 10 lakh

Flexible Loan Tenure

ICICI Bank’s Loan Against Property features a longer loan duration, so you experience reduced EMIs, thus ensuring affordability of loan repayment. You can avail a loan tenure of up to 15 years.

Loan Transfer

ICICI Bank lets you transfer your existing Home Loan or any other existing Loan Against Property with other financiers, using the Loan Against Property Balance Transfer facility. You can transfer your existing loan at an attractive rate of interest, with minimal documentation.

Special Offers To Doctors

Get a quick sanction on a loan amount that is up to 70% of your property value. This offer is specially designed for Doctors looking to upgrade their clinic into a nursing home or simply looking for expansion of any kind.

Attractive LAP Interest Rates

You can choose to repay the loan in comfortable EMIs, by opting for a longer tenure. With ICICI Bank, you can avail a Loan Against Property at an interest rate, which is affordable. Hence, making the repayment easy.

Loan Against Property Documents



Proof of Identity and Residence*
Proof of Identity and Residence*

Proof of Income**

Property documents***

Other documents****

Loan Against Property Documents

ICICI Bank’s Loan Against Property follows a simple documentation process. If you are a salaried or self-employed individual, you need to submit the below documents, along with a signed application for a loan sanction

*Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID etc.

**Salary slips (For salaried individuals), Bank account statements, Income tax returns

***Title Deeds, including the previous chain of documents from earlier owners, if any, Property approval plan, No encumbrance documents

****Appointment letter, in case you are associated with a company for less than a year
Last 6 months’ bank statements of loan repayments, in case you have any ongoing loan

Passport size photographs of the applicant/co-applicant, to affix on the application form

  • Self-employed non-professionals need to submit a business profile document.

ICICI Bank’s Loan Against Property is designed to provide financial support for businesses of all sizes, whether big or small. 

ICICI Bank offers an advantage to medical professionals in the form of LAP for Doctors, with a loan sanction of up to 70% of the property value. If you are a doctor and own a property and are looking for funds to transform your clinic into a nursing home or have any other financial requirement, you can apply for a Loan Against Property at a higher loan amount, for a loan term of 15 years.

Now enjoy a credit limit of up to Rs 1 crore for salaried borrowers and Rs 5 crore for Self Employed borrowers with Loan Against Property Overdraft (Home OD) or the LAP OD facility. The OD facility financing option lets you withdraw a certain amount from the sanctioned limit and the borrower can utilise the limit as per their requirement. This is a long term dropline limit that would be auto-renewed every year, at minimum renewal charges. The interest rate is applicable only on the amount you utilise to finance your needs.

You can also avail a 100% Top-up Loan on your existing Loan Against Property. Whether you are facing a shortage of funds for personal or business purposes, a Top-Up Loan is an ideal choice. It requires simple and minimal documentation if you already have an ongoing LAP with ICICI Bank.

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