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Aadhaar Pay


Aadhaar Pay is a payment system which allows merchants to collect payments from a customer using his Aadhaar number and biometric authentication. The Aadhaar seeded account of the customer gets debited and merchant account gets credited.


Features of Aadhaar Pay

  • Inter-operable
  • Instant transfer, 24X7 availability
  • No peripherals required for customers to make payments like cards and smart phone
  • Secure and safe as it is based on biometric authentication.

Merchant Benefits

Benefits to merchants


  • Seamless fund collection from customers
  • Lower Transaction charges
  • Safe and secure
  • Instant account to account fund transfer
  • Increased customer satisfaction as process saves time
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Eliminates cash handling cost and risk.

Transactions on Aadhaar Pay :

  • Smartphone (Aadhaar Payment App) with reliable data connection or POS system enabled, Fingerprint Scanner (Biometric Device), ICICI Bank Current Account.

Benefits to customers


  • No need for a smart phone to make payments
  • No need to remember PIN & Passwords
  • Customer ease, easiest way of cashless payment
  • Pay from any Aadhaar enabled bank account
  • No security issue as payments are done through biometric authentication
  • No need to carry cash.

Transactions on Aadhaar Pay:

  • Aadhaar number & bank account.

Customer Benefits

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    • Open an ICICI Bank Current Account
    • Download Eazypay from Play Store
    • Register by selecting Aadhaar Pay as mode of payment collection
    • Start collecting payments from the customers.

    • Login to Eazypay and raise an invoice by entering the amount
    • Select Aadhaar Pay as mode of payment collection
    • Customer to select his Aadhaar linked bank name from the list and enter his Aadhaar number
    • Customer to provide biometric thumb impression on the device and select pay to accept payment.

    • Applicable for over the counter payments only
    • Need Biometric Scanner attached to the system
    • Transaction limit is Rs. 2000 per transaction.

    • Customer wishes to pay the charges through Aadhaar Pay over the counter.
    • Merchant chooses Aadhaar Pay as payment collection mode and asks for the customers Aadhaar number
    • Customer needs to choose Aadhaar seeded bank from the list. Then he/she needs to provide the thumb impression on the Biometric scanner. Fingerprint will work as a password for the payment
    • System tallies fingerprints with the available data in Aadhaar database. If it matches, the transaction is successful.