Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment Online


Now pay your Mahanagar Gas bills with ease using ICICI Quick Pay Service

It is now possible to pay your Mahanagar Gas bills on time using ICICI Bank Quick Pay service. ICICI Bank Quick Pay is the smartest and the easiest way to pay and manage your utility Bills online anytime and anywhere. The procedure is very simple and takes not more than a couple of minutes. Just log on to ICICI Bank Quick Pay online and a few clicks will get the job done for you.

Why should you choose ICICI Bank Quick Pay service to make your Mahanagar Gas bill payment?

  • No registration is needed
  • No more writing cheques and standing in long queues
  • All the payments can be made from the convenience of your home or office

Instantly make your Mahanagar Gas bill payment by using your ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password.

Points to Remember

  • An ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID and password is needed to make the payment
  • It may take a maximum of two working days for your payment to be processed by Mahanagar Gas
  • You are requested to make the payment at least 2 days before the due date
  • Submit your correct bill details as incorrect bill details may lead to a wrong payment

Pay using Pockets by ICICI Bank

With Pockets, you can now also pay your Mahanagar Gas bill instantly.

  1. Login to Pockets
  2. Choose the Pay Bills option
  3. Enter the details of the biller
  4. Choose either your Digital Wallet or Savings Account as a debit account and confirm the transaction


Know more

ICICI Bank iMobile app

With iMobile App you can pay your Mahanagar Gas bill instantly.

Step 1: Login to your iMobile App

Step 2: Select "Bill Payment" option on the home screen then "Quick Pay"

Step 3: Select “Gas” under the biller category

Step 4: Select "Biller Name" as “Mahanagar Gas Ltd” from the drop down, enter "Amount" to be paid and click "Submit" button

Register & Pay using ICICI Bank Internet Banking

Pay in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Login to using your Internet Banking User ID and Password

Step 2: Go to on "Manage Biller" under "Payments & Transfer"

Step 3: Register your biller by clicking on "Register Now".

Step 4: Pay your bill after successful bill registration or after the bill has been presented.

To Know how to make a payment, View Demo


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