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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

7 Benefits of a Gift Card – ICICI Blog


Benefit from Gift Cards

If you are someone who still believes in going from store to store to buy a gift, you must read on. Gifting has become so much easier these days with Gift Cards and you can simply buy a Gift Card from ICICI Bank for your loved ones.

What are the benefits of a Gift Card?

Gift Cards tend to get more appreciation because they keep in mind the interests and likes of the recipient. Apart from the joy of freely shopping other technical benefits of using a Gift Card are:

The freedom to choose -

Everything that a person needs is available online. With a Gift Card, the recipient has the freedom to select anything they want from an online or retail store.

The safety factor -

A Gift Card works like a Debit Card and is safe because it can be frozen in case of theft or loss. So you will not lose the money in it.

The ease of accessing -

Gift Cards are a type of Prepaid Card that the recipient can just swipe to pay.

The convenience factor -

There are mobile Gift Cards that you can send to the recipient’s mobile number directly through an SMS or e-mail. This makes it easier for the recipient as the card is safer in a mobile phone than when actually kept in the pocket.

Tracking the expenditure -

A Birthday Gift Card is a great choice for young shoppers. A grown-up can control and monitor their spending (unlike cash) by simply restricting the given amount of money and the location of spending.

Corporate Gift Cards for all businesses -

You can buy Corporate Gift Cards from ICICI Bank for your business associates, partners and employees. It is a product that fits perfectly into the opportunity of offering rewards, commissions, incentives, etc. So the next time your team performs brilliantly, instead of handing out cash you can give a Gift Card to each one of them.

Wider acceptance -

VISA Gift Cards are accepted at every VISA merchant outlet and you can use an ICICI Bank Gift Card across India.

Why choose a Gift Card?

If you are unable to attend the occasion and plan to send a Wedding Gift Card, the cost of doing so is a lot less than sending out any package. It is also convenient to buy Gift Cards because the entire process can be completed online.

A Gift Card is a boon to the one receiving it at the time of discounts. They can shop till they drop! Getting much more from the money you receive in a Gift Cards feels highly rewarding.

Another major benefit of using a Gift Card is that you can use it in a subtle way to help someone in their time of need. Gift Cards can be useful for a loved one who is going through a rough financial patch. Instead of buying the person something they don’t even need right away, you are letting them buy something that they urgently require. Also, helping out through a Gift Card is way more graceful and respectable than handing out cash.

You can buy an ICICI Bank Gift Card by sending an e-mail to the bank at or SMS <GIFT> to <5676766>. You may also get in touch with your Relationship Manager to know more. So go ahead and avail the benefits now!

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