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2 mins Read | 6 Months Ago

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Home Loan Tenure

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Home Loan Tenure


Becoming a home owner is a significant financial milestone but the burden of a Home Loan can be tough. The Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) can strain your finances and a long tenure with substantial interest payments can be stressful. However, there are effective strategies to reduce both your Home Loan tenure and EMI, making your home ownership journey more manageable and cost-effective. In this blog, we will look at the strategies to help you achieve the goal of reducing your Home Loan EMI burden.

1. Opt for a shorter loan tenure

One of the easiest ways to reduce your Home Loan tenure and EMI is by opting for a shorter loan tenure while applying for a loan. Shorter tenures typically come with higher EMIs but offer significant interest savings in the long run. By choosing a shorter tenure, you can speed up your journey towards debt-free home ownership.


  • Reduced overall interest cost

  • Faster path to debt-free home ownership

  • Improved financial security.


  • Higher EMIs, which may strain monthly finances.

2. Make regular prepayments

Prepayments are helpful for reducing Home Loan tenure and EMI. Whenever you have surplus funds such as bonuses or tax refunds, consider using them to make prepayments towards your Home Loan. These prepayments directly reduce the outstanding principal amount, leading to interest savings and a shorter loan tenure.


  • Substantial interest savings

  • Improved financial freedom.


  • The availability of surplus funds may not be consistent.

3. Opt for a Step-up EMI plan

Step-up EMI plans are designed to align with your career progression and income growth. They start with lower EMIs that gradually increase over time. By opting for a Step-up EMI plan, you can begin with manageable EMI payments early in your career and accommodate higher EMIs as your income increases. This strategy allows you to reduce your Home Loan tenure and EMI effectively.


  • Gradual increase in the EMIs aligns with the income growth

  • Provides flexibility in managing the EMIs.


  • Higher EMIs in the later years may require careful budgeting.

4. Make periodic lumpsum payments

Apart from regular prepayments, consider making periodic lumpsum payments whenever possible. These payments can be made as and when you have substantial funds available. Similar to prepayments, lumpsum payments directly reduce the principal amount, leading to significant interest savings and a shorter loan tenure.


  • Substantial interest savings

  • Accelerated reduction of principal balance.


  • Timing and availability of lumpsum funds may be unpredictable.

5. Refinance at lower interest rates

Keep an eye on the prevailing interest rates in the market. If you notice a substantial drop in the interest rates compared to your existing Home Loan rate, consider refinancing your Home Loan as this can allow you to avail lower interest rates, which may lead to reduced EMIs and a shorter tenure.


  • Potential for lower interest costs

  • Improved overall loan terms.


  • Refinancing involves processing fees and documentation.

6. Increase your EMI amount periodically

If your financial situation allows, periodically increase your EMI amount. This incremental increase may seem minor initially but it can have a significant impact on reducing your loan tenure. Even a slight increase in your EMI amount accelerates the repayment of the principal balance.


  • Faster repayment of the loan over the years

  • Reduction in the overall interest cost. 


  • Requires consistent financial discipline.

7. Use bonuses and surplus income strategically

Whenever you receive bonuses or surplus income, consider allocating a portion of these funds towards your Home Loan. This strategic use of unexpected income can help you make substantial prepayments, significantly reducing your Home Loan tenure and EMI.


  • Efficient use of unexpected income

  • Speedy reduction of loan balance.


  • May require prioritising loan repayment over other financial goals.

8.Regularly monitor and review your loan

Don't forget to periodically review your Home Loan and its terms. Sometimes, lenders offer promotions or special schemes that can help you reduce your loan tenure or interest rate. Staying informed about such opportunities can work in your favour.


  • Potential for better loan terms

  • Enhanced loan management.


  • Requires time and effort to stay informed about the market trends and lender offers.

9. Consider biweekly payments

Instead of making monthly payments, you can opt for a biweekly payment schedule. In this approach, you pay half of your monthly EMI every two weeks. Over a year, this results in 26 half-payments, equivalent to 13 full monthly payments. The extra payment each year can substantially reduce your principal balance and in turn, the loan tenure.


  • Frequent payments lead to faster principal reduction.


  • Requires aligning payments with your cash flow.

10. Utilise tax benefits wisely

Home Loans often come with tax benefits on both the principal and the interest components. Make sure to understand and leverage these benefits effectively. By reducing your taxable income through Home Loan deductions, you can free up more funds to allocate towards your EMI payments.


  • Reduced tax liability

  • More disposable income for EMI payments.


  • Tax laws and benefits may change so it is important to stay updated.

Reducing your Home Loan tenure and EMI is not only financially wise but also brings you closer to debt-free home ownership. Disciplined financial planning and consistent efforts to allocate surplus funds towards your loan can help you take control of your Home Loan journey.

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