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Discontinued Accounts

Do I need to upload each and every document on Upload Document page mandatorily?

We suggest you to upload the required documents for it will ease your account opening process. However, if you are not able to upload them, then please click on Skip and Continue.

What documents do I need to submit for opening an ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

What are the features of an ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

What are the documents required for Current Account?

Documents required are basis entity type. Click here to view the complete list of documentation.

What is the eligibility criteria for opening an ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

Why do I need to fill FATCA/ CRS declaration?

According to Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) rules, all Financial Institutions in India are obliged to undertake due diligence for accounts to comply with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act/Common Reporting Standards (FATCA/CRS) including identifying accounts held by U.S. Person or persons resident outside India for tax purpose and to report the relevant account information to the CBDT periodically.

How do I approach ICICI Bank to open a No Frills Account?

You can approach us in any of the following ways:

Write to us using the "Email Us" option
Call us at our 24 hour Customer Care Centre
You can just walk into any of our branches.

Do I need to submit all documents to the branch executive even if I have uploaded these documents on the online platform?

Yes, original documents are required for in person verification. ICICI Bank shall not be responsible for any liability, risk and/or claim accruing due to blocked account number if the account is not successfully opened. Current Account shall be subject to the eligibility criteria set by ICICI Bank and KYC guidelines.

What is the minimum balance required to be maintained for an ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

The monthly average balance requirement for this account is nil.

What is AS/BO details?

The Beneficial Owner means 'Natural Person', who, whether acting alone or together, or through one or more juridical person, exercises control through ownership or who ultimately has a controlling ownership interest of/entitlements to:

  1. More than 25% of shares or capital or profits of the juridical person, where the juridical person is a company;
  2. More than 15% of the capital or profits of the juridical person, where the juridical person is a partnership; or
  3. More than 15% of the property or capital or profits of the juridical person, where the juridical person is an unincorporated association or body of individuals.

You can select Authorised Signatory/Beneficial Owner (AS/BO) type as below:

  • Beneficiary Owner: Holds shareholding greater than or equal to % stated above but cannot sign cheque/transact/operate Internet Banking.
  • Authorised Signatory: Holds shareholding less than % stated above but can sign cheque/ transact /operate Internet Banking.
  • Authorised Signatory Beneficiary Owner: Holds shareholding greater than or equal to % stated above and can also sign cheque/ transact/ operate Internet Banking.

What is the rate of interest that I will earn on the balance in my ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

Is the account nomination mandatory?

Nomination is the facility ICICI Bank has made available for Current Accounts opened in the names of individuals and proprietorship firms to name an individual to receive the proceeds of the account after his/her demise. Features of nomination:

  • An account can have only one individual as nominee.
  • It can be made in favour of a minor also subject to other major individual (guardian) being named appointee(s) during the minority period.
  • Addition/modification/deletion of nomination can be made as many times as desired, post account opening.
  • A nominee can be added later as well by simply filling up a form and submitting it at any of our branches.
  • In case of demise of the account holder, the bank shall hand over the proceeds from his/her account to the nominee with minimal documentation.

In case you do not want to do the same, you can click on agreeing to declaration that you do not want to do account nomination.

What are nomination facilities available on a No Frills Account?

I do not know which is the best Current Account product suited for my business.

On the Get Best product page, you can enter details with respect to your business such as industry that your business belongs to, Annual Sales Turnover, Monthly Average Balance that you want to maintain, etc. basis which the best suited Current Account product details will be displayed to you. You can also select a different Current Account product that you want to compare and select that accordingly.

How can I change the nominee(s) for my ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

You can change the nominee(s) by making a declaration to that effect, in the appropriate form, which is available at any of the ICICI Bank branches.

What will be the charges for my Current Account being opened?

The charges depends on the Current Account product selected by you. You can view the detailed charges of the product on Get Best Product page. You can also view charges of different products on ICICI Bank website > Service Charges and Fees > Business and Corporate Banking; here is the direct link to access this page.

Do Senior citizens get any extra benefit in an ICICI Bank No Frills Account?

Is my Current Account activated?

Account number can only be blocked by you on the online platform. Branch executive will visit your business premises and do the in person verification or KYC for account opening. It will take 7 working days for activation of your Current Account.

What are the different channels through which I can access my ICICI Bank Silver Privilege Account?

You can access your No Frills Account through:

ICICI Bank branches
Phone Banking

Can I choose Current Account number of my choice?

Yes, after review page, you can select last 6 digits of your account number. If the same is available, it will be blocked in system against your PAN for a selected time period, hence please submit the documents to our branch executive for in person verification immediately. For example, if you have selected 123456 as last 6 digits of your account number, the complete account number will be similar to 777705123456.

I am facing issue in form filling and not able to proceed to the next page. What should I do?

Please click on “Need Live Assistance” on bottom right hand corner of your page. A Customer Care Executive will call on your registered mobile number and address your queries. If you are still facing issues, a branch executive from the branch selected by you during registration will contact you and process your Current Account opening.

I am not able to upload image of ID proof and address proof and getting error message.

The format for image upload is JPEG/ PDF and it can be a maximum of 2 MB size.

My PAN Card is showing invalid while I am filling up the details in the portal.

You need to enter the PAN Card details according to the entity selected by you, e.g.: for proprietor or individual, the 4th letter in PAN is P, for partnership, it is F and for companies, it is C.

Can I choose two preferred account numbers with the same PAN card?

No, only one choice of account number is allowed with one PAN Card. However, in case you want to open more than one account, you can enter all the required details and complete the account opening form filling process till the review page. After reaching the choose your account number page, click on “Skip & Continue” option and any available account number will be allotted to you

What does AOC stands for?

AOC stands for Account Opening Cheque which is required as per the KYC guidelines. Recommended Account Opening Cheque amount is Rs 50,000 which can be used for bank transactions post account opening. Please submit AOC to our branch executive during in person verification.

How to apply for online Current Account?

You can apply for Current Account from ICICI Bank website, Corporate Internet Banking, InstaBIZ app and Connected Banking partners of ICICI Bank. We keep on onboarding new channel partners. Click here to apply online.