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Debit Cards

What is Expressions Paywave NFC Card?

The Expressions Paywave NFC Card is a personalized debit card where you can choose the design to be printed on your card. The card enables you to make contactless payments by just waving the card at a 4 cm range on the merchant terminal. The contactless payment on the card is enabled through Visa payWave.

What is Visa payWave?

Visa payWave is a new technology available on the Expressions Paywave NFC Cards that allows contactless payments. This means you can simply wave your card on the terminal to pay. No swiping or dipping is necessary as cards are enabled with Visa payWave.

How do I use my ICICI Bank Expressions Paywave NFC Card?

Your Expressions Wave Card provides a Convenient, quick and secure mode to pay. Just wave your card on the terminal, enter your PIN and you are done. The card comes with a secure EMV chip technology that gives you enhanced protection against fraud to avoid cloning.

How is my Expressions Paywave NFC Card more secure?

Your Expressions Paywave NFC Card never leaves your hand when you make a payment so you're always in control. This gives added security to the card.

What if I am just passing by near a terminal and an accidental transaction takes place?

The contactless payWave technology works only when the card is waved at a maximum range of 4 cms. Hence, even if you are a small distance from the terminal, no accidental transaction can take place. Also, your card still requires a 4 digit ATM Pin for every transaction, making the experience completely secure. Plus the cashier must first enter the amount on the EDC machine before the card is tapped or waved and payment processed.

What if I wave the card twice at the terminal? Will I be charged twice?

No. Even if you tap or wave more than once at the terminal, you will only get billed only once for your purchase.

Can I use it for contactless payment if the card is in my wallet or purse?

As long as the card is within a 4 Cm range, and is not being blocked by any metal object which may prohibit the signal, you can use the card even from your purse or wallet.

How will I come to know if the transaction is successful?

You will receive a chargeslip from the merchant, and also receive an SMS/Emailer on your registered contact details.

What is the validity of this debit card?

The validity of this card is 5 years from the date of issuance.

What if the payWave antenna in the card gets damaged before the expiry of the card?

We use certified and established processes for manufacturing the card through our vendors ensuring a long life for the card. However, given the instance that the any of the elements of the card gets damaged, you may contact our customer care or branch, and we will replace your card without any fee.

Does the debit card come with a battery?

No. The Debit Card does not have any battery inside it.

How will I identify if I can make a Contactless payment at a merchant or not?

To make contactless transactions, you will need a card with the Visa payWave technology. If the merchant terminal has a contactless mark then it is Visa payWave-enabled. The contactless symbol is a small logo that has four waves or four curved lines, just like a toppled Wi-Fi symbol.

What happens if my Expressions Wave card is lost or stolen?

You may contact our 24 hour customer care or nearest branch and replace for a new card. A nominal re-issuance fee of Rs. 199 + Service Tax will be charged to your account.

Will the Expressions Paywave NFC Card work as a contactless card outside India?

Yes. You may use your Expressions Paywave NFC Card at any terminal enabled with Visa payWave throughout the world.