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Terms and Conditions


For the purpose of these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”):

  • “Referrer Customer” shall mean an existing ICICI bank customer who will refer his / her friends and/or relatives to avail the Gold Loan (“Facility”) of ICICI Bank.
  • “Referred Customer” shall mean a new customer who has availed of the Facility after been referred by the Referrer Customer. An existing customer of ICICI Bank’s Gold Loan would not be eligible to be termed as a Referred Customer for the purpose of the Program terms and conditions.
  • “Gift Offer” or “Gift” shall mean gift specified and communicated by ICICI Bank to the Referrer Customer with respect to this Program by way of direct mailer or any other mode as per the discretion of ICICI Bank.
  • “Program” shall mean the “Customer Get Customer” Program wherein Referrer Customer shall be eligible to receive the assured Gift Offer if the cell number of the Referrer Customer pertaining to ICICI Bank account/loan is used by the Referred Customer to avail the Facility of ICICI Bank during the Program Period subject to the Program Terms and Conditions.
  • “Program Period” shall mean the period commencing from June 16, 2014  to  December 31, 2014  (both days inclusive).
  • "Primary Terms and Conditions" shall mean the terms and conditions applicable to the Facility/ such other ICICI bank’s products/ services as availed by the Referrer Customer and specified by ICICI Bank from time to time.

Program / Offer

  • This program is valid only for customers whose mobile number has been provided to ICICI Bank by the referred customer to avail the facility during the program period subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Any cancellations or foreclosures of the facility availed by the referred customer before the dispatch of the gift shall be considered before his gift eligibility slab is decided. In case all the referred customers gold loans have been cancelled/foreclosed then the offer stands cancelled.
  • The program can be extended or discontinued at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank
  • The gift will be declared on the basis of amount disbursed to the referred customer. It is non-transferable, non-binding and non-encashable
  • No substitutions or exchange of gift, other than what is detailed in the communication sent to you shall be allowed. However, ICICI Bank reserves the right to substitute and/or change the gift on account of non-availability of gift, without any intimation or notice, written or otherwise.
  • All visuals of the gifts in our communication are indicative only.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to approve or reject the application of the referred customer to avail the facility without giving any reasons and/or any reference to you and the decision of the ICICI Bank shall be final for all purposes and not open to any challenge.
  • For the purposes of the program, the referred customer has to be a new Gold Loan customer. New Gold Loan customer is someone who has not had a Gold Loan account in the past 12 months from the launch of this program with ICICI Bank. Only new referred customers who avail the facility by providing your mobile number shall be considered for the purpose of arriving at the total amount of loan availed by such referred customer/s.
  • The same Referred Customer cannot be referred to more than once.
  • The referred customer’s Gold Loan has to be live for minimum 3 months or till Jan 31, 2015, whichever is earlier.
  • If referred customers who are availing loans qualify weaker section criteria as per extant guidelines of RBI, you will be eligible for 10% additional weight-age on that particular account for gift eligibility parameter.
  • Priority sector loans to the following borrowers will be considered under weaker section category as per RBI extant guidelines:

    • Small and marginal farmers*
    • Scheduled castes (SC) and Scheduled tribes (ST)
    • Artisans, villages and cottage industries where individual credit limits do not exceed Rs. 50,000/-
    • Loans to individual women beneficiaries up to Rs. 50,000/- per borrower
      *Farmers with land holding of up to 1 hectare (2.47 acres) are considered as Marginal Farmers. Farmers with a landholding of more than 1 hectare but less than 2 hectares (4.94 acres) are considered as small farmers.
  • The decision with respect to weaker section classification of a facility will be at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank and would be final and binding.
  • You can avail a gift either 3 months after the referred customer takes a Gold Loan or cumulatively after the program period.
  • In case you have already availed of a gift and refer more customers within the program period, your gift eligibility will be calculated on the total loan value of customers referred after you have availed the first gift.
  • This offer is not valid for referrals from employees of ICICI Bank.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • This Program is brought to you by ICICI Bank and is made to select Customers / Referrer Customers at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank.
  • ICICI Bank shall not be held liable for any delay or loss that may be caused in delivery of the Gift.
  • In the event any alternative Gift is offered, selection of the same shall be at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank.
  • ICICI Bank will dispatch the Gifts to the eligible Referrer Customer within 90 days from the closure date of the Program Period.
  • Any tax or other liabilities or charges payable to the government or any other statutory authority/body or any participating establishment, which may arise or accrue to the Referrer Customer due to provision of the Gift, shall be to the sole account of the Referrer Customer. Tax deducted at source, if any, on the monetary value of the Gift shall be payable by the Referrer Customer.
  • No further queries will be entertained after December 31 ,2014.
  • The existence of a dispute, if any, regarding the Gift shall not constitute a claim against ICICI Bank.
  • The participation in the Program is entirely voluntary and it is understood, that the participation by the Referrer Customer / Referred Customer, both, shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.
  • All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of Mumbai.
  • All communication / notices with regard to this Program should be addressed to Product Head, Gold Loan, ICICI Bank Ltd., C-4 , Ground floor, West wing, North Tower, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra - East, Mumbai – 4000 51
  • In all matters relating to the Program, the decision of ICICI Bank shall be final and binding in all respects.
  • The Program is not available wherever prohibited and / or on merchandise / products / services for which such programs cannot be offered for any reason whatsoever.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be in addition to and not in substitution / derogation to the terms and conditions governing the Facility. All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the respective meanings ascribed to it in the terms and conditions applicable to the Facility.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to modify/ change all or any of the terms applicable to the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. ICICI Bank also reserves the right to discontinue the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.