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Credit Cards

What do I do in case an upgraded / new card has been assigned to me by ICICI Bank?

In this case you will have to follow the de-registration process for the old card by dialing 022 66126575 and register again for the new card with the new details.

You may also call the Movida Help desk Number at  91 22 6616 6575 for help.

What happens if the I miss the IVR Pin Entry call back?

You will need to initiate the transaction again by calling back the IVR number because Movida will terminate the session for security reasons.

Will I need a phone with Internet / GPRS connection on it?

No, there is no such requirement

Do I need to be using a specific Mobile handset to avail this service?

There is no specific handset requirement for using the Movida service. You do not require any GPRS / internet / data connectivity on your phone. You need not download any application to get started.

How can I know whether my mobile number is registered with ICICI Bank?

If you are currently receiving transaction alerts related to your ICICI Bank account / Card on the mobile phone it means that your mobile number is already registered with ICICI Bank.

You may also call our Customer Care on 1800 1080 between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. from your registered mobile number to obtain this confirmation.

To know the Customer Care numbers, we request you to click here.

If I have only one mobile number and multiple bank cards (Credit / Debit / Prepaid) can I use all the cards?

Yes, but not at the same time. You can only use one card on Movida at a given time. You can de-register the current card and then register the other card with Movida following the registration process.

Will I be / how will I be charged for this service / number I dial from my mobile phone?

For Voice Based Service no. 022 6612 6575 – Charges shall be as per the plan you have subscribed for with your Mobile Operator.

For SMS – Standard SMS charges shall apply.

What happens if there is a problem with the biller or a specific charge on a bill?

For Voice Based Service no. 022 6612 6575 – Charges shall be as per the plan you have subscribed for with your Mobile Operator.

For SMS – Standard SMS charges shall apply.

What are the Transaction Limits on Movida?

Per day maximum limit across all transactions would be Rs. 5,000/-

What should I do if I change my mobile number for Movida?

You will need to de-register from MOVIDA using the old mobile number and then re-register using the new mobile number.

How do I register for services from Movida?

As a one-time activity, you are required to link your ICICI Bank Debit / Credit / Prepaid Card along with your registered mobile number to Movida. On successfully doing so, you would be allowed to self-create a secret 6-digit PIN for securing your transactions.

You can dial 022 6612 6575 from your registered mobile number for a voice based service.

You can send an SMS REGISTER to 9223366575. You will receive a call from Movida to complete the registration.

Which ICICI Bank card can be used to avail this service from Movida?

You may use any active ICICI Bank Debit / Credit / Prepaid card on Visa/MasterCard Networks to avail this service. However, 'ATM only' cards cannot be used to avail the services from Movida.

How long will the process of registration to Movida Services take?

If you have your valid ICICI Bank Card ready with you at the time of Registration, the process should not take more than 5 minutes.

You will need the following details from your card for registration

  • 16 digit card number
  • Valid through/Valid up-to date/Card Expiry
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Mobile number registered with ICICI Bank

Why am I being asked for my Personal Details (Card Number, DOB, Phone Number, etc.) to register for Movida?

Movida validates your details with ICICI Bank to confirm that these are correct and as per ICICI Bank’s records. This is to ensure security of the card and account and to prevent any fraudulent use of your card.

How secure is/ are my card / account / Transaction details with Movida?

Movida follows two-factor authentication mechanism which includes verification of Card details in addition to the selection of 6 digit Movida PIN. This makes transactions on Movida safe and secure.

I have 2 mobile SIM cards / Mobile nos, Can I register for Movida services via both the numbers?

You may register for the services from Movida only using the Mobile number which is registered with ICICI Bank for your card and not any other number.

Why am I receiving the message "Verification Failed", while registering my card details with Movida?

Please confirm what type of ICICI Bank Card is being used (Credit / Debit / Prepaid).

Please confirm that the Card is on Visa/MasterCard Networks.

Please confirm that the card is valid & active.

Please make sure that you are entering the correct details of the Card (16 digit Card no., Valid Through / Valid Up to date / Card Expiry).

Please ensure that the mobile number used to register with Movida is the same that is registered with ICICI Bank for this Card. This will be the phone number on which you will receive transaction alerts and SMSes related to the Card.

Please ensure that your Credit Card / Debit Card is registered for 3D Secure(Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code).

What is the process for de-registration for Movida?

You need to dial 022 66126575 and select the de-register option from the Help menu.

If I de-register my mobile number for the Services from Movida does it have any impact on my details with ICICI Bank?

No it does not have any impact. Your details are removed, only from the Movida system and not from ICICI Bank.

If I have closed my ICICI Bank account do I need to change the details with Movida as well?

Yes. You will have to de-register from the Movida service separately by dialing 022-66126575.

Do I need to register for Mobile Banking with ICICI Bank to avail the services from Movida?

No. However the mobile number used by you to register with Movida needs to be registered with ICICI Bank, i.e. it should be the number you receive your transaction alerts on.

Which services can I avail from Movida?

Movida currently provides services such as prepaid mobile recharge, bill payments, DTH (Direct-To-Home) / television recharge and movie ticket bookings. Visit Services available section to know more

If I do not receive a confirmation for the specific transaction that I have done using the Movida service whom should I call?

Usually all SMS confirmations are received immediately. However, rarely due to network congestion there may be some delay up to the next day. We recommend that you wait for this confirmation. However if you have any questions regarding the transaction you have made on Movida you may call the Movida Help desk Number  91 22 6616 6575 at any time to check the status.

What is the process for Movida Pin Reset / how is the forgotten Movida PIN retrieved?

In case you do forget your PIN, select the ‘Forgot PIN’ option at the time of PIN entry. Movida would take you through the registration process once again so that you can create a new PIN.

You can also call the Movida Help desk Number +91 22 6616 6575 for help.

What are the contact details of Movida Help desk?

Movida Help desk is available from 8:00 AM IST to 11:00 PM IST at  91 22 6616 6575.

You can send an email to with your query at any time and you will receive a response within 1-3 working days depending on the nature of the query.