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Fraud Detection & Prevention Guidelines

At ICICI Bank, we take great care to protect our customers from any type of frauds which may occur during the course of a banking transaction resulting into wrongful gain to any unauthorised person by way of concealment of facts or otherwise.

We request our customers to do the proper due diligence while doing any banking transactions/ interacting with the Bank's authorised representatives.

Important Guidelines which will help prevent fraudulent transactions:


  1. Verify the authenticity of the Executive visiting you to collect any outstanding dues. Always check their Identity Card issued by the Bank. In case, the Executive is unable to display the same, please do not handover any money to the Executive.
  2. Stamp on the Executive’s Identity Card should be partially on the photograph and on the ID card.
  3. Always ask for the 'Customer Copy' of the physical/ online receipt for the payment made.
  4. In case of a physical receipt, please check the hologram on the 'Customer Copy'.
  5. In case of a physical receipt, please do not accept 'Customer Copy' if the details are written directly, since it is a 'Carbon Copy'.
  6. Do not pay any amount without taking proper receipt/s from the authorised Executive.
  7. Always check for details mentioned in the ‘Customer Copy’ as well as the ‘Bank's Copy’. In case of any discrepancy, highlight the same to the Bank official.
  8. Check the mode of payment in the receipts issued.
  9. Always keep a photocopy of the electronic receipt/s for future reference.
  10. A single receipt is valid only for cash payment up to Rs. 49,999
  11. To prevent misuse, please fill all the details on the cheque and sign it yourself with your own pen before handing over the cheque to the authorised Executive.
  12. Check the details filled on the receipts and strike out whichever is not applicable.
  13. Do not sign on any physical blank receipt/s provided by the authorised Executive.
  14. Always check whether the deposited money is updated in your loan/ card account or not. In case it is not updated, inform the ICICI Bank Customer Care/ visit the nearest branch within 15 days, post which the Bank's record will be considered as final.
  15. Never share your Card Number, CVV, PIN, expiry date, OTP, Internet Banking User ID, Password or URN with anyone, even if the caller claims to be a Bank employee. Sharing these details can lead to unauthorised access to your account. Your Bank will not ask for such details.
  16. Always check the URL of the websites while making the payment through online mode i.e. RTGS/ NEFT/ Click to pay, etc. Also, the websites should ideally start with 'https:' ('s' stands for security).
  17. Only Bank officials are authorised to provide settlement offers. For any clarification or more information, please contact them or our Customer Care.
  18. In case of a settlement, do not pay prior to receiving a settlement letter from the Bank.
  19. Do not open/ reply to any unknown e-mail from unauthorised persons.
  20. Check the inventory sheet of the surrendered asset and keep a copy of the same.
  21. Handover the asset to the Bank's authorised representative only.

The above list is indicative and not exhaustive. For any clarification or more information, please visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch.