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How does one auto recharge a FASTag by setting Standing Instructions (SI) through Internet Banking


Now that FASTag has become mandatory for toll payment collections, you need to keep track of recharging it in a timely manner, to enjoy a smooth drive on highways. If you have a habit of forgetting your ICICI Bank FASTag recharge due date, you can opt for an auto recharge option, by setting SI through ICICI Bank Internet Banking. Read to know more.

With effect from Feb 15, 2021 the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways made it compulsory to affix a FASTag on every vehicle.

ICICI Bank FASTag saves you time from serpentine queues. On reaching the toll plaza, a machine scans the tag, the payment gets deducted and you receive a notification on your handset, about the transaction. It's that simple.

While FASTag has made toll payment collection effortless and convenient, it has also benefitted customers from undue worries. Since it is a prepaid tag, chances are you may forget to recharge your FASTag. If you pass through the toll with insufficient funds in your account, you may have to pay double the amount. Therefore, it is always important to recharge your FASTag on time, to enjoy your trip without any concerns.

You do have an option to recharge your FASTag on time and ensure it is loaded with sufficient funds. ICICI Bank now allows you to set up Standing Instructions through Internet Banking. This is the first-of-its-kind solution introduced by a Bank. Now, there is no need to set multiple reminders for a recharge, as the account will get recharged automatically, when the FASTag balance goes below the threshold limit:

Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy by setting up an SI:

  • A quick and simple process
  • Avoid double charges at toll plazas, due to insufficient funds
  • No need of a manual FASTag Account recharge
  • Online recharge is safe and secure
  • Remove the Standing Instructions, as per your convenience
  • Convenient one-time set up process.

Use the FASTag auto recharge facility and save yourself the inconvenience of doing it manually. Follow the below steps to set up an SI through Internet Banking; simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to ICICI Bank Internet Banking

Step 2: Select ‘Payments & Transfers’ 🡢 Go to ‘Buy/Recharge FASTag’ 🡢 ‘Recharge’ Tab

Step 4: Select ‘Vehicle Recharge’

Step 5: Enter the details and enable the ‘Auto Recharge’ icon

Step 6: If you want to set the 'Auto Recharge' for a vehicle, then you need to enter the following details:

  1. Vehicle Number

  2. Add the 'Threshold Amount'. The minimum threshold amount is Rs 100

  3. Add the 'Top-up amount': The maximum amount is up to Rs 10,000, per tag (with a minimum KYC/No KYC) or Rs 1 lakh, per tag (with full KYC)

  4. 'Savings Account' Number

Step 7: Your SI is set

Use the auto recharge facility for your ICICI Bank FASTag and set up SI using Internet Banking. To set the FASTag auto recharge, click here.

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