Home Loan FAQs

How do I repay the loan against Securities?

 You can repay the loan by cash, cheque or demand draft.

What are the lending rates for Loans against Securities? How much shall I pay for this facility?

ICICI Bank Loans Against Securities comes to you at attractive interest rates, which are based on the trends prevailing in the market at the time of the loan. You pay only when you use the money and for the number of days the money is used. The rates vary according to the product-variant.

How do I pledge more Securities (from the approved list)? How long does it take?

Submit the pledge request forms with your Depository Participant , with whom you hold your Demat Account. Once your DP correctly initiates the pledge request in the favour of ICICI Bank (mentioning your LAS account number as the Agreement no.), the limits will be set within next 24 working hours.  

 What about my Dividend and Bonus?

The Dividend and Bonus on your shares will continue to accrue to you.

How is the interest charged/calculated for Loan for Loan Against Securities?

In the overdraft account, interest will be charged only on the amount you draw and for the period that you draw. Interest will be charged on a daily basis, but will be debited to your account only once a month.

I have shares that are in the approved list, but they are in physical form. Can I get a loan against them?

Yes, but you would have to first convert them into the dematerialised form. All you have to do is to get your shares dematerialised through a depository account with ICICI Bank/ any other bank.

Am I required to have a Demat Account with ICICI Bank?

No, you can pledge your securities irrespective of whether you have a Demat Account with ICICI Bank or any other depository. To open a Demat Account, click here.

Is there any tax benefit available on home loans?

Yes, you can claim the amount paid towards the repayment of the principal and the interest components as deductions in your income tax return. The limits on the amount deductible are governed by the applicable income tax laws.