Terms & Conditions governing Personal Loans

Last updated: 06th March, 2017

These Terms and Conditions pertain solely to the offer extended by ICICI Bank on any personal loan availed by a customer for the period specified below (“Offer”). It shall stand terminated thereafter.

  1. Customer who is availing the Offer shall be eligible to a discount of Rs. 500/- on processing fee, subject to a minimum processing fee of Rs. 999/- exclusive of service tax payable.
  2. The Offer is valid only till 20th March 2017.
  3. The time period required for the processing of the application submitted by the customer for the disbursement of the loan availed under the Offer shall be subject to the applicant's eligibility as per ICICI Bank's policy and applicant providing the relevant documents in time.
  4. Nothing contained herein shall constitute or be deemed to constitute an advice, invitation or solicitation to purchase any products/ services of ICICI Bank / third party. "ICICI Bank" and "I-man" logos are trademark and property of ICICI Bank Ltd. Misuse of any intellectual property, or any other content displayed herein is strictly prohibited.
  5. These Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the ICICI Bank Limited’s (All-India) Standard Terms And Conditions Governing Unsecured Loans (Regular & Pre-Qualified Loans) available on www.icicibank.com/pl
  6. For further details, please visit www.icicibank.com/pl